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This breakfast spot in Miri brings Ipoh cuisine to Sarawak – Ling Long White Coffee

Ipoh mali! Ipoh, Ipoh mali! Yeap, that’s right. This entry, we’re highlighting Ipoh’s famous dishes that can be found in Miri, Sarawak. Ling Long White Coffee is a coffee shop that exists with the idea of introducing Ipoh dishes to the people of Sarawak. Anthony Yeoh, the owner, was born in Sibu and moved to Ipoh when he was just 6 months old.

Years passed by, and Anthony decided to come back to Sarawak with the hopes and dreams of introducing Ipoh food to Sarawakians. After doing multiple RND-ing on Ipoh food, the best places to open up a shop, they decided on the oil town Miri, Sarawak. 

Ling Long White Coffee Signage
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

I got this recommendation from a friend on Instagram and immediately thought I should visit this place! If you have a recommendation or a great place to eat, feel free to share it with us. What are foodie buddies for, am I right? Okay, back to the topic, Ling Long White Coffee cafe. Located at a corner shop near the UTC Miri area, this coffee shop is famous among the workers at offices nearby.

To experience the full Ipoh experience, we ordered the best-sellers and also special dish from the shop. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it, shall we? 

Ipoh White Coffee at Ling Long White Coffee

Ipoh White Coffee
Image taken from Borneo Foodie

Did you know that Ipoh has been named one of the top three coffee towns by Lonely Planet? Yeap! If you’ve never been to Ipoh and have been wondering what an Ipoh White Coffee tastes like, come on down to Ling Long White Coffee . I normally don’t drink coffee, but come on, I’m not gonna miss this chance to try Ipoh White Coffee. So, the verdict? I loveee it. Just a sip, and I was in love. 

The coffee beans they used for the white coffee are imported from Vietnam and Indonesia, and they roast it themselves! The process of roasting the beans is specific and different from the usual. The coffee beans are roasted with palm oil margarine, and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk. Which makes it the more deliciouso! 

Teh C Peng from Ling Long White Coffee
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The Teh C is also so so yummy! This is my jam. Haha Tea is bae for me, but I’m not being biased when I say it’s yummy, it really is. Let me know if tidak sedap, I belanja you Teh C ok. 

I’m a tea lover, and just one sip got me sippin on every last bit of it. I don’t know about you guys, but when I go to a restaurant or a cafe, the drinks also play an important role. Can badmood oh if the drinks are not nice ?.

The Homemade Kaya Toast 

No breakfast is perfect without Kaya Toast! The Kaya here is home made, the more reason to love it. I love the fact that it’s not too sweet and it goes so well with the butter. FYI, it took them around 2 months to develop their homemade Kaya recipe. Safe to say, when it comes to food, they are very serious and will only serve the best!

Ipoh White Coffee and Kaya Toast
Image taken from Borneo Foodie

Anyway, if you’re planning to have a light breakfast, boiled eggs are also available here! 

Wanton Dry 

A bowl of Wantan Dry
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Wanton is no stranger to the Chinese community. It’s a type of Chinese dumpling that is commonly found across the world. We had the dry wanton. There’s also wonton soup if you’d like it soupy. The thing I love about the wanton here is that it’s A LOT! Look at that. We got 10 pieces of dry wanton. AND it’s delicious too. Can you see how full the filling is? Mmpphh. 

The Star of Ling Long White Coffee

Two bowls of noodle from Ling Long Cafe
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

From left to right: Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow and Classic Charcoal Pork Noodle

These are the highlights of the cafe. Let’s start with the Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow. This has got to be my favorite bowl of mee. You can taste the flavors of different meat in the Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow. How? It’s because they let the prawn and chicken in the broth sit for hours, resulting in a flavorful, wholesome broth. You can also change the noodle to your preferred noodle type, such as mee hoon, Kwang tung mee, yee mee, mee tikus, mee pok, mee Kuning, mee kolok, and mee sua.  In Ipoh, they call it the Kai See Hor Fun.

Next, we have the famous Classic Charcoal Pork Noodle. The preparation for this dish is a bit different, as the broth needs to be boiled using charcoal. They prepare the broth beforehand as it takes 12 long hours to achieve the taste. They put a lot of thought into their recipe. As it says below: 

Ling Long Cafe owner's quote
Image taken from Borneo Foodie

Taste wise: I love both, but I personally love the Ipoh Chicken Kuey Teow more!

Ling Long Cafe Owner preparing dishes
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

I love how humble the lao ban and lao ban niang is. Despite having staffs to prepare the dishes and drinks, I notice that they will always be part of the preparation of the dish and drinks.

Rice Dishes

Lastly, they also have Curry Chicken & Braised Pork with rice. I was already full from the food we had above, but I just couldn’t resist trying these two dishes. No ragrets, honestly! It is served with just the right portion for breakfast. So, if you feel like having rice in the morning, but not too much, you can get their rice dish!

Everything was delicious! In conclusion, I am in love with this place. Bear in mind that, it’s a humble lot at the corner, limited seats are available, and the place usually starts to get crowded around 8am onwards.


Shop Name : Ling Long White Coffee
Address : 1349, Jalan Kwangtung, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Operating hours : 6.30am – 2.00pm
Waze/ Google Maps : Ling Long White Coffee
Status : Non-halal
Facebook Account : Ling Long White Coffee

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