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5 MUST TRY Kampua Places in Sibu

Greetings, my fellow Sibuians! Do you know what dish best represents our little hometown, Sibu? A dish that we can eat almost every single day without getting sick of it (well in my case), anytime and perhaps anywhere…that’s selling it of course. You guessed it right! KAMPUA!

A dish that is pretty well known for its simplicity and flavours. Not to mention that it is also crazy affordable, usually priced around RM 2.50 – RM 3 per serving! The perfect food when having breakfast – the Sibu way!

If you have no idea where to begin your Kampua journey, let me take you down this list of places for you to try!

1. Best Harvest Café

Another great place to have Kampua would be Best Harvest Café located at Jalan Lanang, Sibu. Personally, this place is one of my favourites because they just know how to make the dish taste so gooooooood.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

From lightly blanching those silky smooth noodles in boiling hot water, then plating them onto bowls prepared with seasonings and lastly being garnished off with several slices of juicy pork, fried shallots and spring onions. What more could you ever ask for? It always gets me hyped up to munch onto those yummy-looking noodles whenever I see it getting cooked.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie


Shop Name: Best Harvest Cafe
Address: No. 6A, Lorong 2, Jalan Aman, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak. (Same row as Public Furniture Showroom Sibu)
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (Opens from 6 am onwards)
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Best Harvest Cafe 富源茶室”

2. Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant

An eatery that has been in business for almost two decades now and is still standing strong is Soon Hock Café & Restaurant which is located nearby Delta Mall Sibu.

Image taken by @phillies_mathew_official – Instagram

This place is definitely one of the locals’ all-time favourite places to have Kampua for breakfast as there is always a crowd especially during the weekends. I usually order up their Kampua with Dark Soy Sauce and a bowl of Bian Nv to have on the side for a filling meal.

Image taken by @betty0123yien – Instagram

Sibu’s Bian Nv or Bian Sik, is the FooChow’s version of dumplings. It is quite similar to the familiar dish we all know as Wan Tan or Yun Tun. Each of the beautifully wrapped dumplings are filled with generous spoon-sized amount of meat. When you bite into it, you can’t help yourself but to scoop up another one into your mouth!


Shop Name: Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant
Address: 55-59, Jalan Pedada, Taman Seduan 8, 96000, Sibu, Sarawak. (Same row as Hope Pharmacy)
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (Opens from 6.30 am onwards) [TUESDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant”

3. Sing Hin Corner

If you happen to be staying at Li Hua Hotel Sibu town or being nearby the area of Jalan Lanang, Sing Hin Corner opens at 6 am for early morning risers like myself to get some tasty and satisfying breakfast Sibu style!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The Kampua mee is cooked to the upmost supremacy, pork being so flavourful and this dish is perfectly paired with the clear soup on the side. This may be the definition of simplicity at its finest for me. Something so simple, delicate and yet so scrumptious.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

I’m already longing onto those tenderly cooked pork! And those noodles coated in some pork lard-y goodness that is to die for!


Shop Name: Sing Hin Corner 新兴阁
Address: Jalan Indah 2, Pekan Sibu, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak. (Same row as Li Hua Hotel Sibu)
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (6 am – 9 pm)
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Sing Hin Corner 新兴阁”

4. Rasa Sayang Cafe

Rasa Sayang Café which has been around for many years is famous for their Kampua noodles as well. This shop is located nearby Sibu Bus Terminal area, so it’s the perfect place to grab a plate of Kampua before catching your bus ride to your next destination.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Their Kampua taste quite divine as the flavours comes mostly from the minced pork and slices of meat that compliments the gently flavoured noodles. The noodles here are more on the QQ side (springy) as the texture is curlier than other places. But still, a great spot to try Kampua as each place has its own uniqueness.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie


Shop Name: Rasa Sayang Cafe
Address: Lorong Pahlawan 7B, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak. (Same row as Goodway Marketing 精工贸易)
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (6.30 am – 1 pm)
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Rasa Sayang Café”

5. Liang Yew Café

Liang Yew Café which is located at the heart of Sibu town and very close to Sarawak’s biggest market that is Sibu Central Market, is next on our list for some Sibu Kampua.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

We ordered up two types of Kampua; the white version which is the normal Kampua and the black version which is Kampua seasoned with Dark Soy Sauce. My personal favourite from these two would still have to be the black version, it wasn’t too salty nor too sweet. I love pairing it with their chili sauce!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Each of the Kampua is being served with a garnish of lightly spiced pork slices, fried shallots and spring onions. A bowl of clear soup and a small serving of chilli sauce is always provided along the side to enhance the flavours if you wish.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie


Shop Name: Liang Yew Cafe
Address: 5, Jalan Pulau, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak. (Near Fisherman and Floral Sense)
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (6 am – 4 pm)
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Liang Yew Café”

Hence, those are our recommendations for anyone wanting to try Kampua in Sibu. Hopefully, one of these eateries becomes your favourite place! To those who are visiting Sibu in the near future, our Kampua should be on your “Noodle Bucket List” without a second thought!

Wanna know more places serving Sibu Kampua? Click the link below for more info!
Top 5 Places to Eat Kampua in Sibu

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