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Mee Jumpa Lagi: A Heartwarming story of First Cafe, Miri, Sarawak

Hello Borneo Foodies! Blessed Good Friday to our fellow Christian family and friends. In conjunction to a very blessed Friday, my entry this time would be something really heartwarming and inspirational to myself and hopefully to everyone reading this right now. We got the chance to visit First Cafe in Senadin, Miri, Sarawak that is now the talk of the town for their kindness. 

First Cafe Miri: Where Mee Kolok Meets Kindness, One Bowl at a Time!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

22 minutes away from the city center of Miri, in Senadin, there is a humble Kolok Mee shop that has been operating since 2017. First Cafe started as a small eatery that has grown into a beacon of hope for those in need, thanks to the selfless efforts of its owner, Mr Kiew Kong Yen and their heartwarming movement known as “Mee Jumpa Lagi.”

The moment we knew about the movement, we couldn’t wait to experience it for ourselves. Intrigued, we set out to meet the shop owner, Mr. Kiew Kong Yen, to learn more about his mission of spreading kindness and making a difference in the community. 

The said Mee Jumpa lagi . Image taken by Borneo Foodie

What inspired Mr Kiew Kong Yen for this “Mee Jumpa Lagi” movement? 

When asked, Mr Kiew Kong Yen, 30 years old, said that “I want to help people in need, so that one day, those we helped can also help those in need..”  He also highlighted that he started this movement a while back, but without all the banners and fanfare. The banner and notice as you can see in the picture was only put up this month, and it has garnered a lot of attention from the community. The fact that he started this movement even before all the fanfare is truly inspirational. He is doing this because he is truly devoted to helping others and those in need. 

Mr Kiew Kong Yen and his wife, hope that more eateries can offer something similar, to offer simple dishes from their shop to help those in need. 

What we tried at First Cafe Miri

From left, Mee Kuali, Kolok Mee Merah, Kolok Mee Beef Stew. Image taken by Borneo Foodie

First Cafe is a family-run business. It has many other options other than Kolok Mee as well. They have a Laksa stall and also drink stall that is operated by Mr Kiew Kong Yen’s family. our visit this time, we want to focus more on their Kolok Mee stall. So, we tried the “Mee Jumpa Lagi” as well as other best-sellers from the Kolok Mee stall. 

Their best-seller, Kolok Mee Merah. Image taken by Borneo Foodie

First Cafe Miri all time best-seller is none other than the Kolok Mee Merah! (My personal fav too honestly, I love Mee Merah!) Besides that, we also tried their Beef Stew Kolok Mee as well as the Mee Kuali. The Beef Stew Kolok Mee is a first for me, I’ve never had it at any other stalls, but First Cafe’s was nice. It’s just the right amount of everything, it’s balanced! 

Kolok Mee Beef Stew. Image taken by Borneo Foodie

I can say that it is favored by many in the community because it not only taste good, but the portion is also a lot! Even the “Mee Jumpa Lagi” is served the same portion.

More details

Address: Jalan Maigold, Senadin, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Operation hours: 6AM – 6PM 
FB: First Cafe, Miri
Status: NON-Halal
Google Maps: 

In conclusion, the “Mee Jumpa Lagi” movement exemplifies the heartwarming impact of small acts of kindness on a community. Mr. Kiew’s inspirational movement has touched many hearts, humbling us to always remember to be kind to everyone and seize every opportunity to do good. The “Mee Jumpa Lagi” campaign serves as a reminder of the power of kindness and the significance of giving back to those in need. As we left the shop with full bellies and hearts, we were inspired by the generosity and compassion displayed by Mr. Kiew and his team. 

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