This roadside stall in Miri serves pork burgers on another level! – Tapau Porky Burger

Collage of 3 different burger from Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

For the love of street burgers, here’s another one you should add to your must try list! Tapau Porky Burger is a humble burger stall that is operated by two sisters, Jan and Jess. They started their burger stall after getting inspired by the burger places that they went to in Perak, KL and Miri itself. 

Jan, the owner of Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Jan is actually still studying, and will be going off to further her last semester in West Malaysia in June 2022. She shared with me her plans to put the burger business on hold until she completes her studies, when asked if she was going to continue the business in the future. So, if you guys don’t want to miss out trying their unique, delicious pork burger, be sure to visit them before June 2022! 

Alrighty, now let’s get to the most exciting part, them burgers! WARNING, mouth-watering content ahead. 


There’s so mushroom in my heart for you.. – Eporky Burger

A pork burger with deep fried enoki mushroom on top
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Have you ever heard of mushroom burger? Mushroom burgers originated from the Philiphines, but they are mushroom patty. We usually come across burgers that has mushroom sauce too, but Porky’s burger mushroom burger has deep-fried Enoki mushroom in their burger.

Enoki mushroom deep fried
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

What’s inside the Eporky burger? There’s cabbage, cucumber, mayonnaise, and chilli sauce with of course pork patty, and also topped off with crispy deep-fried enoki mushroom. The Eporky burger is a recipe they came up with after getting inspired by a burger place in Kuala Lumpur. With the thought of bringing the uniqueness they found there back to Miri, Sarawak, born was the Eporky Burger! 

Are you squidding me? – Sipork

A seafood concept burger from Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Nope, we sure aren’t! Next, we have the seafood burger of Tapau Porky Burger, the Sipork Burger. This burger has pork patty, and topped with squid, egg, dry seaweed and paired with sweet chili and buttermilk sauce. Fuhh! Sounds a lot huh. You be the judge. Just look at how generous they are with the ingredients and sauce. 

Sipork Burger making process
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

In my opinion, the seaweed in the burger gave it the extra oomph! 

Avengers! A-sambal! – Sampork

Sampork Burger by Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The third burger we had was the Sampork! So basically, it’s pork burger topped with Sambal ikan bilis. If you love your burger spicy, this is definitely for you! I loveeeee everything spicy. Malaysians do love their food spicy. Did you know that we’re actually no 3 on the list for countries with the spiciest food? 

Sampork Burger process
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Some might not fancy this because what an odd combination to have pork patties paired with ikan bilis? I’d say that it’ll surprise you. I liked it because of the crispy sambal and the spicyness it adds to the burger. 

Popger by Tapau Porky Burger

A popiah wrapped pork burger and deep fried
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Here’s another great one – the Popger. The inspiration behind this one for the two sisters were a burger stall in Perak that sold burger wrapped with Popiah skin! After trying that burger, they immediately thought they should try to come up with one of their own special recipe for it. 

Process of making popger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

I’d suggest eating this while it’s still hot and crispy! Can do a little ASMR while you’re at it! Did you see mine? My rating for this one? 10/10 . I’ve never had burger wrapped with popiah before, thus this was my first time. Now, this Popger is THE benchmark for a great popiah burger for me! 

Hogs and kisses from Tapau Porky Burger – Gemuk

Gemuk is one of the people’s favorite too! It’s called Gemuk due to the super THICC Pork belly that they used for the burger. This one is paired with Honey BBQ sauce which gives you the savory end of the BBQ spectrum. It has that caramelized sauce taste, not too sweet but just pure, and deeper browner sweet. I hope I’m making sense!

Gemuk, a pork belly burger from Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Sweet dreams are made of Bacocheese

Baco cheese burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Who am I to diss a brie? Cheese lovers assemble! IDK what is it about us and cheese, but we do LOVE cheese. Here we have Bacocheese burger which consists of scramble egg and bacon paired with cheese sauce. Would you look at the amount of cheese it has. I’d say this one is such a big portion and get your tissues ready, eating this will leave you sauc-y. *winks* Badumtssss!

On top of all that, you can order this burger a la carte or set. The set comes with french fries and canned drinks. Canned drink choices are Pepsi, Cola and Chrysanthemum tea. Other than that, you can also add on more of everything if you wish! Refer below for the prices and add ons.

Jan, the owner of Tapau Porky Burger
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Overall, this burger place is for sure serves oddly, unique and delicious pork burgers! Jan says that what makes them really unique is not only the special ingredients, but it’s also their sauce. It all plays an important role in enhancing the taste of the burger more. All sauce recipes are from the two sisters. So, don’t miss out on trying their burger before Jan proceed to further her studies in June 2022. Let us know what you think of the burgers if you have tried them ya.


Eporky Burger –  (RM8) (set RM13)
Sipork Burger – (RM12) (set RM17)
Sampork Burger – (RM8) (set RM13)
Popger – (RM 9) (set RM14)
Gemuk – (RM10) (set RM15)
Bacocheese – (RM10) (RM15)

Add ons
Egg – RM1
Patty – RM2
Cheese – RM1
Bacon – RM2
Any sauce – RM1

Additional info on Tapau Porky Burger

They are available on Grabfood, walk-in orders, and also dine in (Limited seating – 6 pax only). Last but not least, they do not provide COD.


Shop Name : Tapau Porky Burger
Address :  Lot 6534, Desa Murni Bandar Baru Permyjaya, 98107, Miri, Sarawak
Operating hours : Monday – Saturday (6.00pm – 10.00pm, CLOSED on Sundays)
Waze/ Google Maps : Tapau Porky Burger
Status : Non-halal
Facebook Account : Tapau Porky Burger


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