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Galas Malaysia | Vanilla Buah at Coco Cabana Miri

If you don’t already know, fruit cocktails are the craze right now! I’m well aware that it first got popular in the West, and now fruit cocktails are mushrooming in Miri, Sarawak. Last weekend, we got to try one of the places that serve fruit cocktails in Miri, Sarawak, Galas Dessert. They call their dessert Vanilla Buah. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it! 

What’s a Fruit Cocktail? Why Cocktail, not Mocktail?

A fruit cocktail is a combination of sliced fruits, either fresh or preserved in small, bite-size pieces. Other than that, people call it a fruit cup. Now, here comes the controversial part of the dessert. *smirks* There has been a different opinion on what the “cocktail” in fruit cocktail refers to. While a cocktail is typically an alcoholic mixed drink, in this context, the term refers to a dish given as an appetizer before the main course, like a salad! Some also eat it as dessert. 

I totally remember this dish at gatherings! Whenever my family has a big gathering, someone will bring this over. The liquid you add to the fruit cocktail varies, some add mayonnaise, some vanilla milk, and also evaporated creamer. For me, the liquid you add makes or breaks the fruit cocktail. I never really liked it with mayonnaise. (Maybe that’s just me) 

Who is Galas Malaysia?

Galas Malaysia
Image taken from Galas Malaysia’s Facebook

Galas Malaysia is a brand. They have been operating for a while now. Their previous products are drinks like Coklat Padu and Teh Padu. They added Vanilla Buah, the fruit cocktail into their series of drinks and desserts just recently. 

What’s in the Galas Malaysia Vanilla Buah?

Vanilla Buah from Galas Malaysia
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The Vanilla Buah consists of 6 or more fruits depending on the availability of the fresh fruit. Aside from fresh-cut fruits, they add fruit jelly and fruit pearl too! To top off the fruit cocktail, Vanilla infused milk will be poured into the bowl. 

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Honest review, the fruit wasn’t as sweet as I wish it was, but the Vanilla milk makes up for it. My favorite part of the whole thing is the Vanilla milk and the fruit pearl. Fruit is fruit, some days they’re sweet, and some days they aren’t. I believe it depends on the seller’s fruit supplies too. But, overall, I love it, it’s delicious! Should you try it? Yes, go try it! 


They serve two sizes as stated below. For me, the medium bowl can be shared among two people, whereas the Big bowl can be shared with 3 people or so. The portion is reasonable. 

Small bowl: RM 15
Big bowl: RM20


Image taken by Borneo Foodie 

Although there are many stalls or places serving the fruit cocktail, I believe they are all good in their own way. As I’ve tried a few before it got viral, it’s definitely refreshing to be able to taste it again, but with somehow an upgrade of the ones I usually have – with Vanilla milk. Go and give it a try! And oh, Galas Malaysia is planning to open up a physical store somewhere next year. Something to look forward too, so you can enjoy their drinks and dessert comfortably at their shop. Stay tuned and watch their social media for updates! 


Shop Name: Galas Malaysia
Address : Tapak The Payong Coco Cabana, Bekenu
Operating hours: Saturday and Sunday, 2PM – 8PM
Facebook/IG : Galas Malaysia/galasmalaysia
Status: Muslim-owned and Muslim-friendly

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