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5 Local-Favourite Dim Sum Places in Miri

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Huat ah! Wishing everyone greatest happiness and prosperity for the year of the Rat, 2020!

Are your relatives coming back to Miri during this festive season? Wanna grab some good Dim Sum for breakfast with them? This may be the list for you! Don’t worry, these places are all reasonably priced, have a family-friendly environment and the best part, satisfying food!

Well, here are my top 5 recommendations for you to endeavour good Dim Sum! 

1. Boulevard Chinese Restaurant

Located inside Imperial Suites at Pelita Commercial Area, lies a restaurant called Boulevard Chinese Restaurant whereby they serve up a variety of vibrant-looking dim sums for breakfast. This place has just recently opened last year, whereby during the daytime they serve Dim Sum and at night serving restaurant-style dishes.

Image taken by @goeatlah – Instagram

I’m pretty sure the selections here are good enough to satisfying any picky eaters because the food here are palatable and the portions are rather filling!

Image taken by @goeatlah – Instagram

This place has one of the best Lo Mai Kai (Steamed Glutinous Rice) I have tried so far in Miri. It doesn’t taste overwhelming at all and has a good ratio of fillings to the sticky rice.

Image taken by – Instagram


Shop Name: Boulevard Chinese Restaurant
Address: Imperial Palace Hotel, 1st Floor, Lot 1120, Block 7, Jalan Sehati, MCLD, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Opening Hours: Everyday 10am to 10pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Boulevard Chinese Restaurant”

2. Lao Yang Dim Sum

Ask any Mirian, “Where is the best Dim Sum place in Miri?” I am pretty sure everyone would tell you the iconic place called Lao Yang Dim Sum situated at the residential area nearby Krokop.

Image taken by @jiaenxdiary – Instagram

Despite being a 2-unit shop eatery, this place is always packed with customers during the weekends and the tables are never enough. There is always a line outside the door, waiting to be seated. It is suggested to come approximately before 9.30 am, because that’s when the crowd starts coming in.

Image taken by @eileen_2118 – Instagram

This eatery’s dim sums are selling like HOT CAKES because their food is really amazing. Their menu ranges from the beautiful ‘Liu Sha Bao’ (Salted Egg Buns), Pandan Chicken, Siew Mai, Chee Cheong Fun, Braised Chicken Feet and the list goes on.

Image taken by @chef_jacksont – Instagram

Do get your hands on the OG Chee Cheong Fun (char siew or prawn) soaked in sweet soy sauce giving that lovely salty flavour. My personal favourite is their EGG TARTS!! Buttery, flaky and crispy tart shell filled with creamy smooth custard on the inside. Perhaps one of the best place serving egg tarts I’ve had in Miri.


Shop Name: Lao Yang Dim Sum
Address: 2450-2452, Jalan Dato Permaisuri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. (Same row as Ali Papa Café)
Opening Hours: Everyday 7am to 2pm [TUESDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Lao Yang Dim Sum”

3. Welcome Restaurant

Next on our list is Welcome Restaurant, located at the new and appealing commercial area named Miri Times Square.

Image taken by Welcome Restaurant – Facebook

There is a good range of dim sum to choose from including Siu Mai, Steamed Spareribs with Black Beans, Fried Wantons and many more!

Image taken by @lilylum – Instagram

Other than their dim sums, they also serve food items such as Salted Egg Chicken with Fried Rice, Steamed & Roasted Chicken Rice, Ipoh Hor Fun, Curry Noodle and also Braised Pork Noodle.

Image taken by Welcome Restaurant – Facebook


Shop Name: Welcome Restaurant
Address: DG-12, Block D, Times Square (4.12 km) 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Opening Hours: Everyday 7am to 5pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Welcome restaurant”

4. Ming Garden Restaurant

Another restaurant that provides a pleasurable breakfast experience is Ming Garden Restaurant which is not far apart from Lao Yang Dim Sum place.

Image taken by @wandergirleats – Instagram

The great thing about this eatery aside from their huge variety of dim sum, the parking here is easy to find and also there is always seating despite the crowd of people.

Image taken by @pierre.eats – Instagram

Their braised chicken feet is a MUST TRY! It is so smooth and tender when biting into it. 

Image taken by @pierre.eats – Instagram

Their Char Siew Pau, so fluffy on the outside and fragrant on the inside. I could eat a whole basket of this warm goodness! 

Image taken by @pierre.eats – Instagram

You have to try their Fried Char Kueh too! It is really tasty, whereby those crunchy bean sprouts, green onions and radish cake cooked together really does its magic of giving that incredible and inviting stir-fry aroma and flavour.


Shop Name: Ming Garden
Address: Lot 1088, Jalan Jee Foh Utama, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Opening Hours: Everyday 7am to 3.30pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Ming Garden”

5. Little Dim Sum Cafe

This little eatery located at Marina Bay Miri has it humble beginnings. Serving up some freshly steamed dim sums along with mouth-watering pastries for the Miri folks, Little Dim Sum Café deserves more love.

Image taken by Little Dim Sum 小丁点心坊 – Facebook

One of my favourite would be their Har Gao, filled with beautiful pieces of prawns enfolded in the translucent skin. It is so satisfying when eating these gorgeous little white pillows. 

Image taken by Little Dim Sum 小丁点心坊 – Facebook

Their Pandan Chicken, fried till crispy golden brown! Very aromatic indeed! 

Image taken by Little Dim Sum 小丁点心坊 – Facebook

Don’t forget to leave some space in your stomach for some savoury goodness, their ‘Liu Sha Bao’ (Salted Egg Buns).

Image taken by Little Dim Sum 小丁点心坊 – Facebook

Their Egg Tarts are also a MUST-TRY to end off your meal on a sweet note.


Shop Name: Little Dim Sum 小丁点心坊
Address: Lot 1904, Marina Square 2, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. (Same row as PnP Plastic and KST Bakery Ingredients Marina)
Opening Hours: Everyday 7am to 2pm [MONDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Recently they relocated their shop so, search for “KST Bakery ingredients MARINA” and they are just a few stores away.  

Thus, those are my 5 recommendations to have Dim Sum for breakfast in Miri! If you have any other suggestions that you think is worth featuring, do leave a comment or message below.

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Before I sign off, once again I wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah! Spread the love for this food article by sharing and clicking the like button. Take care and love you lots! <3

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