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CUTE! Visit Fluffy Huskies at Husky Garden Cafe in Bintulu

It’s hard to find things better than food in this world to a foodie. But, food + dogs kind of takes the cake. Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu offers just that. You get a great meal with plenty of superior furry company. All in a romantic cafe. It’s the ideal place for dog-loving foodies.

One of their dogs, Lala sitting in front of the entrance welcoming visitors (Image via Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu is the first-ever dog cafe in Bintulu and the whole of Sarawak other than in Kuching. It’s pretty popular. You can see quite a few videos on Youtube featuring the cafe. This is another Bintulu place that Miri is definitely missing out on.

It’s pretty highly rated on review sites. People rave about the place. The food is great. The furries are adorable. And, the cafe has a great ambiance. Be it indoor or outdoor, you choose based on your dining preference.

Furry Friends to Dine With!

The furry friends found in and around the cafe (Images via, @huskygardencafebtu Instagram and Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

Here are just a few photos of the handsome good boys and girls at Husky Garden Cafe in Bintulu. A trip here will have you leaving wishing you could tapao one home with you. Proceed with caution because these furries are highly lovable. This is one cafe you can go alone and not feel even the slightest bit lonely. There’s plenty of superior company awaiting you.

Bring your loved ones for delicious and furry memories. Bring your little ones too! But, remember they must be accompanied by parents/ guardians. And, remind them – only loving pets for the furry friends.

Wide Menu, Great Food

The menu doesn’t limit your options. It boasts a wide variety of healthy, Asian, western, snacks, and desserts. Suited for even the pickiest and most particular palate. Great to enjoy any time of the day for any craving. Their food doesn’t just taste good, it looks highly appealing too.

Salads That Taste Good

The Thai Mango Crispy Chicken Salad (Image via Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu has actually tasty salads. You can choose from their Fruit, Bacon, Seasonal, or Avocado Tuna Salad.

Best selling is their Thai Mango Crispy Chicken Salad. You have to try it! Imagine real crispy seasoned-to-perfection fried chicken, a whole half mango, and salad greens. All drizzled with tasty dressing. This is one salad even the biggest veggie haters will find themselves loving.

Meaty Pizzas and Sweet Ones Too

The Banana & Nutella Pizza (Images via @huskygardencafebtu Instagram)

If even the fried chicken salad can’t make you eat salad, worry not. You can go for their pizzas. Their savory pizzas include Chicken Mushroom, Cheesy Tuna, Black Piggy, or BBQ Ham & Cheese Pizza. For the sweeter tooths, they have Banana & Nutella Pizza. If you’re lucky and it’s in season, the truest durian lovers will LOVE their D24 Durian Pizza.

Carb Lover’s Dream Pasta

The Carbonara, King Prawn, and Thai Basil Pasta (Images via @sys_eyka, @huskygardencafebtu Instagram)

Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu has mad pasta. They have run of the mill Carbonara and Aglio Olio Pasta. Also, the not-so-common Thai Basil, King Prawn, and Vegetarian Pasta. The Thai Basil Pasta is the perfect fusion of east-meets-west pasta. Definitely unlike any traditional pasta you’ve tasted.

Western Delights

The western dishes (Images via @huskygardencafebtu, @angelttt1314 Instagram and Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

You can enjoy your favorite other western dishes here too. Chicken, Pork, or Lamb Chops. If fish is more your taste, opt for the crispy Fish & Chips. For the indecisive or big eaters, go for the Mixed Grill Platter. It’s a combo of the chicken, lamb, and pork chop.

They serve burgers too! Any type from Crispy Chicken to Grilled Pork Chop, and Fish Burger. The Max Combo Burger is made for the big eaters.

Asian Delicacies

The rice dishes (Images via @edisonlingye Instagram, and Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

For the more Asian food lovers, try the rice and mee dishes. Highly recommend are the Duck Egg Kuey Teow, Cincalok Egg Fried Rice, and Mushroom Sauce Crispy Baked Rice. The Salted Egg Cheesy Baked Rice (their cafe signature) is particularly mouth-watering!

Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu’s infamous King Prawn Tom Yam Goong (Image via Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Instagram)

They even have quite the Thai food selection. There’s the standard yet flavor-packed Tom Yam Goong. Which, if you’re feeling a little decadent, you can order with king prawn. As mentioned, the Thai Mango Crispy Chicken Salad is a must-try! If you can, also try the Thai favorite Pineapple Fried Rice or Pork Satay too.

Snacks That Will Satisfy Even The Biggest Snacker

The snacks (Image via @huskygardencafebtu Instagram)

The snacks (Image via Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

Just there with the main intent to chill with the furry friends? Instead of a full-fledged meal, you can opt for their snacks too. Snack on the Wedges, Pork Rolls, Cheesy Korokke, or the like.

Sweet, Sinful Drinks and Desserts

The decadent cakes (Images via @huskygardencafebtu Instagram)

What is a cafe without desserts? To finish off your meal, or to have as a meal (we’re not judging!) you can have their decadent cakes. Smooth & silky or moist & soft cakes. Mill crepe cakes, cheesecakes, or mousse cakes. Have your fill. Guaranteed to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Their Strawberry Milkshake (Image via Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu Facebook)

To wash it all down, you have to try their colorful smoothies and milkshakes selection. They have many types. From the fruitiest to the chocolatiest (if that is even a word). If you’re feeling a little health-conscious, go for their fresh juices.

Great Ambiance / Romantic Atmosphere

A little visitor with a furry friend (Image via Instagram)

The hanging fairy lights give it a romantic vibe. And, the shipping pallets give the place a rustic feel. The great vibe, food, and company make Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu perfect for the most chill outing.

Visit Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu

You have to visit Husky Garden Cafe if you’re in Bintulu! Once there, you’ll find it hard to leave.

Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu is open at 2 pm – 11 pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends, it’s open at 12 – 11 pm. It’s located at No 19 Jayhub Industrial Estate Jalan Tun Hussein Onn, Lot 558, Block 32, Kemena Industrial, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak.

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