15 Useful Things We Found in Daiso That You Should Get!

Hola Borneo Foodies! Let’s take a break from all the food talks and talk about something else — like things we can find in Daiso! F-U-N! I know in a few places in Malaysia, there are other shops like Eco Shop and some others that offer cheaper stuff, but Daiso will always have a place in my heart. 

If you are from Miri, just like me, you know that our Daiso is smaller too. In other countries, a Daiso shop can be a place you find so much more things that are offered here! Nevertheless, Miri’s Daiso is also good! Now, let’s see what we can find here. 

1. Daiso Cooking Oil Hardener

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

First, we got the Cooking Oil Hardener! Do you know why you SHOULD NOT dispose of cooking oil down your sink? I’m here to tell you, you’re the one clogging your own sink. Mmhmm. Pouring grease down your sink will not have an immediate negative impact, but over time, the oil buildup in your pipes will harden and create fatbergs! Omo! That’s what is causing your pipe to clog. This is where the Cooking Oil Hardener comes in handy. There are 5 packs in one box. It’s really easy to use too! You just pour one packet of the hardener into the oil. The oil needs to be hot though. I would recommend putting the oil hardener right after you use it. If unsure, you can check out some videos on how to use it! 

2. One-Touch Dispenser Bottle

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Next, we have the One-Touch Dispenser Bottle! I believe this thing serves so many purposes. The more popular purpose would be to dispense face toner or Acetone for those who do nails. For me, it comes in super handy in the kitchen area! Do you know how Asian households have a container to store their dishwasher detergent and sponge? I 100% believe you guys know what I’m talking about. For me, using this would be more saving than pouring your dish soap every time you need to use it. 

3. Things Didn’t Go as Planned, so I had to Impro-Rice – Daiso Rice Protector

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

WHAT? Does your rice need protection? From what and who? (Laughs). Your rice needs protection from rice pests! Do you know how sometimes there are insects in your rice container? Those are called rice pests, so this Rice Protector can help prevent them and Daiso has this. It’s just one of those things I found that I don’t really need, but I FEEL like it’s going to be useful. So, I’m here to influence you. 

4. Surp-rice! It’s a Rice Tool!

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

What’s a rice tool? First, they need protection, now this? HAHA. If you don’t know the Asian way of cooking rice (Measuring it with your finger), you can count on this thing! Again, I feel like not everyone needs this. I didn’t know this thing exists!

5. Daiso Containers

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Is it even worth it to buy a container from Daiso? For me, honestly, yes! Since I’m also quite a cheapskate, I’ll make sure my purchase tidak alang-alah lah. I will buy the sizes that will still let me feel a sense of “Oh, it’s actually saving for me to buy here”. For example, this container above, I love it, and I even use it myself to store things like Milo, sugar, and all that. I love how it’s air-tight too. It’s also not TOO tight that it’s so hard to open. You know how some containers be like that. Mmhmm.

6. Floor Wiper

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Moving forward to the cleaning appliances part! First on my list would be this Floor Wiper. Before this, I never thought I needed this BUT now, I found this thing most useful in your bathroom or garage. Me, I use this after I shower and I want my toilet to dry faster after my shower. My mum is someone who really loves to keep her garage dry and clean. I introduced her to the Floor Wiper! Cause, hello, it’s much easier than having to wring your mop from time to time. Should you get this? Yeap!

7. Daiso Floor Wet Wipes

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Floor wet wipes! Yesss! You should get it. I didn’t even take time to say anything else to start convincing you guys. If you don’t already have their Flooring Mop Wiper, get that as well along with this one. The previous point in item no 6 would let you know how I don’t really fancy wringing mops, so this is really one of my household holy grail items! 

8. Daiso Toilet Stamp Cleaner

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Next is the Toilet Stamp Cleaner. I’ve used many types of Toilet Stamp Cleaner, and Daiso’s is one of my favorites. That is because of its scent. For only RM5.90, there are 6 stamps for each Toilet Stamp. I know for a fact that DIY also has this kind for a cheaper price, but the scent is not strong. Let me know if you guys have tried both before, and which you guys prefer. Oh no, my aunty aunty side is beaming. (hahaha) Look at me all excited wanting to talk to you guys about cleaning stuff. 

9. Basin at Daiso

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Last in my cleaning section, for now, is this cute basin! Okay, I will not simply influence you guys if it’s not worth it. But, the quality and the size of the basin are a steal for me. I purposely took a picture of the basin with the Daiso shopping basket for size comparison. For RM5.90, it is a steal! Also, check out the cute dipper in the back! 

10. Wax for Hiding Scratches 

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Next, we have the Wax for Hiding Scratches! There are 3 different colors in one packaging. This would be like a really cheap alternative to fix any scratches in your wooden furniture. If it’s a hole, that’s a different story yeah. You can color through but the whole will still likely be there. HAHA. It won’t seem like it. Okay, back to it. This item is just interesting that I must tell you guys it’s available in Daiso. Cos I’ve seen it somewhere sold much more expensive than just RM5.90 kays. You’re welcome. 

11. Shooting Light

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

This one definitely captured my eyes! The shooting light, if you’re a content creator or just like creating videos for fun, this would be a serious budget saver. The size is as it seems in the picture, just as big as my hand. (BTW, my hands are pretty big for a lady, take that into consideration >.<) If you have bought this light and tried it, share with us what you think! 

12. Cat Scratch Cardboard

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

If you have a fur baby! Get them this. It’s pretty small compared to the ones they sell at the pet shop, but my cat loves! Also, in this item, they provide Silver Vine as well. Just like Catnip, Silver Vine are plants that are safe for cats. Exposing your fur babies to these can make them quite happy and excited! I think my cats respond better to Silver Vine than catnip. It was also said in a research that silver vine contains more and different compounds that cats like and respond to better. 

13. Konjac Puff

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Now, next on my list is something from the Facial and Makeup section. Konjac Puffs! These things were once viral back then and of course, I am one of those influenced by the power of viral items. The Konjac Puff is 100% Konjac, so it is safe to use for sensitive skin and for children. Bear in mind, the puff is stiff before it is use. Fret not, it will get softer after soaked in water. These Konjac Puff is said to help gently brightens and smooths your skin!

14. Make-up Sponge

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Make up Sponge! I love this thing and was first introduced to them by my very good friend. I love affordable things that works. There are 13 pieces in a pack, so I loveeee that. I used them to apply my foundation and cream blusher! I’m not one of those people who have proper, designated brush or sponge for everything. But, I love this thing! 

15. Compression Mask

Image via Anna/Borneo Foodie

Last but not least, the compression mask! This compression mask can be used to do your DIY mask sheet. You can also soak it in your favorite toner to wear it as a mask. There are 50 pieces in one pack, so it’s such a steal. What are you doing?! RUN, don’t walk, to Daiso, right now! HAHA kidding. But, I mean if you want to get it, go get it girl. I’ve used it myself, and it lasted me forever (for someone who rarely applies a face mask like me). 

That’s all on my list for now! If you have any other interesting Daiso items that are not listed, let us know. 

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