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More than just Boat Noodles, Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle offers an array of Thai Cuisines!

Sawadikap foodies! This entry we’re going to talk about Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle and the many more Thai delicacies that they offer besides their famous boat noodles. Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle can only be found in Sarawak namely in Miri and Kuching. They have one branch in Miri at Permaisuri Mall and 3 branches in Kuching at Metrocity, Vivacity Megamall and Plaza Merdeka Mall.

I personally love going to Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle! Not only is their food good, but the ambience and surroundings make you feel like you’re actually in Thailand. Although I have never been to Thailand myself, but this is how I’d imagine it to be. So lively and full of colours! 

For years now, Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle have been famous for their boat noodle that is priced at only RM1.90! But, in today’s entry we’re gonna focus more on the many other delicious menus they have here. From soup, rice and desserts, they have it all here. Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the array of Thai dishes they have to offer. 

Tom Yam Soup at Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle

Will your visit to a Thailand restauratnt be complete if you don’t get a serving of Tom Yam soup? Tom yam is a hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp. Did you know what Tom yam means? Tom refers to the boiling process, while yam means ‘mixed’. Huh, I never knew that before.

At Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle, we ordered the Tomyam Mixed Seafood. They have other choices like Tomyam Prawn, Tomyam Vegetable and also Tomyam Chicken. You can also choose the level of spiciness for your Tomyam soup. They have the regular spicy, spicy and extra spicy! If you love to spice it up a little, take the extra spicy! I most definitely couldn’t, cos *coughs* that would mean more trips to the loo for me. 

Would you look at the amount of ingredients in this soup! This servings is perfect for a big gathering cos sis look at that portion. Perfect for a group of 4 or even more. One sip of the Tom Yam soup and I felt like I was transporting to Thailand! You can have them as it is, or add on fragrance steamed rice or noodle to pair it with. 

Steamed Fish Lemon Soup at Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle

Ooof! This is my favorite, the steamed Fish Lemon soup. The aroma of the fish lemon soup when the waiter was delivering it to our table was something else. So tangy, so refreshing! First, I sipped the soup to know if it’s worth digging in for more. You know how those cartoons have the sparkles in their eyes after eating something good, that was me with this soup! I loved it. I think mainly because I love something lemon-y and tangy. Some may say it’s a little sour for their liking, but I beg to differ. I love that zaasssss. Oh, they also have steamed fish in Tom Yam soup, if you don’t feel like having steamed fish in lemon soup. 

Keep Calm and Curry on – Green Curry Beef 

At Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle, there’s two choices of curry, which is Green curry or Red curry. Also, you can choose your choice of meat from chicken, beef and prawn. We opted for the lowest level for spicyness and it was just enough to make our day extra spicy! Did you know that Thai Green Curry is actually the hottest of all curry. If you’re a Thai food lover, you must know that it is the STAR of the curry scene. But, fret not, you can choose the spicy level from regular, spicy or extra spicy. Overall, this dish was on fire! 

Mango-nificent Sticky Rice Mango at Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle 

This is a simple dish that requires very little ingredient but will fill your tummy with joy! Well, at least for me. My first time having Mango Sticky Rice before, I was super skeptical about it. I was like “How can we eat mango with rice?!” Today, I’m a different person. I love this dish, and the one we had here at Tuk Tuk Boat Noodle was just as amazing. 

Kra Paw Chicken Rice with Fried Egg

In Thailand, when people don’t know what to order, they would just order Pad Kra Paw because it’s quick and delicious! “Kra Paw” is the Thai name of Holy Basil that is one of the dish’s main ingredients. It can be cooked with chicken, beef, seafood or whatever your heart desires. It is usually served with rice like shown in the image above. This dish is super popular among the locals in Thailand. I would definitely order this dish if I don’t know what else to order. Despite being so simple, it is surprisingly scrumptious. Among all the other dish we had, I kept on reaching for more of this one. 

Salads at Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle

Not to be confused with salads around the world, the Thailand Salads are different indeed. The Thai salad teases your taste buds with it’s sweet, spicy, salty and sour elements! We had two types of Thai salad from Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle which is the Papaya Salad (Som Tam) and also Mango Salad (Som Tum Mamuang). In these salad, there’s a lot that goes into it. As you can see in the picture, there’s peanuts, onions, chopped garlic cloves and more. I personally love, love, love the Mango salda more! You must try these.

Thai Stir-Fried Morning Glory – Thai Style Kangkong

Next, we had the Kangkong Thai Style(Pad Pak Boong). The Kangkong taste different from the usual sambal kangkong that we’re used to. I love that it still has its crunch, I hope you know what I mean. As with all other Thai dishes, I fell in love with it! The only thing I wish is different was the portion, I wish there were more.

Hot Steam Sang Kaya

Hot steam Sankaya with fluffy bread(Kanom Pang) is a traditional Thai dessert that is made of coconut cream, eggs, and sugar that is steamed in a small dessert tray. It’s a super popular Thai dessert that you can enjoy both warm and cold. Sangkaya is a choice sure to please. Fluffy bread dipped in vivid, green sweet sauce, oof! The dip derives its colour and fragrance from the pandan leaf. I loveeeee the Hot Steam Sang Kaya here. You should definitely try this one. They have other desserts like the Thai Taco, Thai Coconut Milk Custard and Rubies in coconut milk. 

Thai Milk Tea 

You remember how the Thai Milk Tea suddenly got crazy popular this one period of time in Miri? I remember! Almost every Boba place or kopitiam added Thai Milk Tea to their menu. Thai Milk tea are black Thai tea mixture paired with condensed milk and sugar! Pretty simple isn’t it, but they taste earthy and nutty if you realize. They also have the Thai Milk Green Tea. On top of that, you can add toppings like Pearl or Grass Jelly for only RM1 in your drink. 

Boat Noodles!

Last but not least, of course we had their boat noodles! These yummies comes in 4 choice of broth which is Tom Yum, Laksa, Pak Lo and also Beef boat. You can also pick your choice of noodle either Kueh teow(sen lek) or egg noodle(bak mee reang). I love the Tom Yum and Laksa more than the other two. I think it’s safe to say that I love something that makes my taste bud tingle! 


Our visit to one of the Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodles branches is nothing short of amazing! Everything served was good and super yum to my tum! They are definitely more than just their famous boat noodles. Be sure to try their other dishes ya! And oh, here’s to remind you all again that they are also in Kuching at Metrocity, Plaza Merdeka and Viva City Megamall.

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Shop Name : Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle 
Address : G Floor, Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, 98000, Miri, Sarawak
Operating hours : Monday – Sunday (10.00am – 10.00pm)
Facebook : Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle 
Status : Muslim-friendly

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