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Top 5 Pork Noodle Places in Miri You Gotta Try!

Have you been dreaming for a good plate of pork noodle lately? You know, the ones that have that crackling sensation from the deep fried pork skin, that nicely charred and sweet-tasting BBQ pork or perhaps the ones that are being drenched in flavourful braised sauce to the upmost supremacy? Are you drooling already just by imagining it? Not to worry, I’ve got your back! 

Here are my top recommendations for the best pork noodle in the city of Miri, which are extremely goodddd that may have you coming back for more! Thank me later if you decided to give this list a try and found your favourite.

1. Lot 18 Cafe

An eatery named Lot 18 Café located at an old wooden house is very much known by the locals in Krokop area. Based on my opinion, it may be one of the best breakfast spots that Miri has to offer. Their menu ranges from Laksa, Fish Noodle Soup, Kolo Mee, Wantan, Roti Kahwin and also BBQ or Roasted Pork Rice.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Personally, my all-time favourite would be their Wan Tan Ho with Roasted Pork on top. The Roasted Pork here taste soooooooo divine! Munching into that top layer of crispy skin, juicy fats and succulent meat. Oh gosh, thinking about this has my mouth drooling already!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

If Wan Tan Ho isn’t your liking, you can opt for Mi Hun Goreng Basah with Roasted Pork served on top. Basically, anything with their Roasted Pork is a MUST TRY! It is usually sold out by lunch time during the weekends, so do drop by earlier than 12pm to avoid any disappointments.


Wan Tan Ho (Add-On Roasted Pork): RM 9
Mi Hun Goreng Basah (Add-On Roasted Pork): RM 9


Shop Name: Lot 18 Cafe
Address: Lot 18, Krokop 5, Jalan Krokop 5, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (6am to 2pm) [SUNDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Lot 18 Café”

2. Ang’s Roasted Eatery 洪记烧腊 潮卤

Ang’s Roasted Eatery, located in the heart of Miri, serves one of the best Meat you could ever dream of. My personal favourite would be their Roasted Duck and Roasted Pork being served with Hong Kong Noodles. Both of these meat burst flavours into your mouth in every bite you get into. This place is always busy during the weekends, and their roasted pork usually sells out around 12 noon!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

It is really well welcomed by the locals. So do come early to ensure you get some of that superb tasting pork for yourself. The deco for the eatery is also very interesting, as Coca-Cola cans are being displayed at every inch of the shop. Very insta-worthy!


Hong Kong Noodle Mix 2 Meat & Braised Egg (Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork): RM 11


Shop Name: Ang’s Roasted Eatery 洪记烧腊 潮卤
Address: Lot 349-350, Ground Floor, Pelita Commercial Centre. 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Monday – Sat (8am to 3pm); Sunday (7am to 3pm)
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Ang’s Roasted Eatery 洪记烧腊 潮卤”


Seeking for a place that may have you reminiscing for a home-cooked meal? Hii’s Taste, a home-based eatery has got you covered. This eatery is very popular among Curtin Students may be because of how the food here really tastes like your mom’s cooking, you could feel the warmth from it.

Image taken by @justshya – Instagram

My personal favourite here would be their Super Noodle, which consists of Braised Pork, Roasted Pork, Sunny-Side Up egg and Kolo Mee which is hidden beneath all that sinful goodness. The braised pork is so tenderly smooth, it would just melt in your mouth together with its juicy fats. As for the roasted pork, the pork skin is crazy crispy!


Super Noodle: RM 10


Shop Name: HII ‘ S TASTE
Address: Lot 3923, Lorong Desa Senadin 2c-6b, Desa Senadin, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Everyday 8am to 8pm [SATURDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “HII ‘ S TASTE”

4. Chua Café – Hong Kong Recipe 蔡记烧腊

That springy and perfectly blanched Hong Kong noodles, being served with crisp roasted pork and delicious BBQ pork, is probably the most desirable plate of noodles you could ever imagine.

Image taken by Chua Cafe•蔡记烧腊 – Facebook

This place, Chua Café does it exquisitely well in satisfying your taste buds. Their pork may have you longing for more after getting a bite of it. It really goes well together with the noodles that has been cooked and seasoned perfectly. Don’t forget to munch onto those greens! 


Hong Kong Noodle with Pork (Roasted Pork & BBQ Pork): RM 8


Shop Name: Chua Café – Hong Kong Recipe 蔡记烧腊
Address: Ground Floor, Lot 2005, Marina Square, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Everyday 7.30am to 3.30pm; 5.30pm to 10pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Chua Café – Hong Kong Recipe 蔡记烧腊”

5. Happy Dragon Cafe 喜龍龍

Hidden away in Pujut area, lies a shop named Happy Dragon Café. This place which has been operating for ages serves one of the finest Fried Pork Noodle I have tasted in Miri. The pork being marinated delightfully, really enhances the flavour of this whole bowl of goodness.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Alongside, a couple of deep fried crispy wantans adds more pleasure to this meal. The oozy poached egg coats the delicate noodles with its silky egg yolk giving it that creamy texture. The stall also provides a generous amount of dried chilli flakes to add into your noodles if you seek for a spicy kick!


Fried Pork Noodle: RM 6


Shop Name: Happy Dragon Cafe 喜龍龍
Address: Lot 1344 & 1345, Jalan Pujut 2C, 98000 Miri Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Everyday 6am to 2pm [WEDNESDAY OFFDAY]
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Happy Dragon Café”

Hence, those are my top 5 recommended places for anyone craving for a great plate of PORK NOODLE in Miri whether it is served Dry or Wet. Hopefully, one of these eateries may suit your liking!

If you have any other suggestions that you think is worth featuring, do leave a comment or message below. Spread the love for this food article by sharing and clicking the like button. Take care and love you lots! <3

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