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Sarawak Laksa Pattaya, Laksa With A Special Twist found in Kuching

The original Sarawak Laksa, but with a unique twist.

Greetings foodies! Have you heard about one of the latest food trends in Malaysia which is serving Sarawak Laksa Pattaya? Yes, you heard me right! Just like the usual Nasi Goreng Pattaya we would order at malay stalls, this time it’s Sarawak Laksa served Pattaya-style (wrapped in an omelette) in Kuching.

126 Laksa located in the heart of Kuching, is said to be the very first stall that came up with this idea. All the locals seem to be loving the elevated concept of this dish, including myself. So, do check out this place if you’re ever curious what the hype is about!

sarawak laksa pattaya
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Sarawak Laksa is a dish that Sarawakians put dear to heart. It is best described as a warm bowl of noodles being drenched in a flavoursome broth. The broth was made from either chicken or prawn stock. After that, it’s usually topped off with crunchy bean sprouts, beautiful plump prawns, shredded chicken breast and shredded omelette.

Lastly, a sprinkle of coriander is garnished on top before serving, giving it that nice aroma. It is always served together with a slice of lime and a spoonful of sambal on the side, which sometimes may not be ever enough. 

Sarawak Laksa has a creamy and slightly tangy taste.

The main difference of our Sarawak Laksa to the regular Curry or Asam Laksa is that in our broth, we combine both the coconut milk and tamarind paste. This gives it that nice creamy and slightly tangy flavour that can’t be found elsewhere.

Did you know the famous Celebrity Chef and TV Host, Anthony Bourdain named Sarawak Laksa as the “breakfasts of the Gods” during his trip to Kuching back in 2015. With that being said, it’s a dish worth trying if you’re ever in Sarawak. 

sarawak laksa pattaya kuching
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

At 126 Laksa, what makes their bowl of Laksa great aside from the stock used in making the dish, would be the laksa paste that is a combination of numerous quality ingredients. It includes ingredients like sambal belacan, tamarind, lemongrass, herbs, spices and thick coconut milk. Every single one of these ingredients brings together the robust and complex flavours found in the dish.

sarawak laksa pattaya kuching
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Sarawak Laksa. A perfect dish anytime of the day.

The subtle hint of sourness comes from the tamarind, the creaminess from the coconut milk and the slight spiciness from the sambal. Creating a non-overwhelming satisfying bowl of Sarawak Laksa, that would be perfect to endeavour on anytime of the day.

sarawak laksa pattaya kuching
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

We ordered up their signature menu, which is Laksa Pattaya Special. Just like every other bowl, their Sarawak Laksa includes thin rice vermicelli noodles, shredded omelette and shredded chicken breast. In addition, fresh bean sprouts, lightly poached prawns and coriander as garnishing.

This stall in Kuching adds on an additional layer of omelette in their Sarawak Laksa Pattaya.

The special uptake on this was the added thin layer of omelette spreading across the bowl before anything else was plated up. Somehow, it tasted rather familiar but coming from a new dish perspective, an unusual combination.

Besides that, the dish also comes with bigger and juicy prawns which tasted very succulent, paired very nicely with their in-house made sambal. What more could I ever ask for. There are a variety of toppings to add on if you wish, like Mini Eggs, Clam, Oyster, Squid, and even Abalone.  


(Normal) Laksa Pattaya  – RM 8.50 

(Special) Laksa Pattaya  – RM 18.00

(Normal) Laksa – RM 6.50


Shop Name: 126 Laksa

Address: Lot 180, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (7am – 2pm)

(their offdays are actively posted on their FB page)

Waze/Google Search: Search for “126 Laksa”

Status: Serve No Pork

Facebook Page: 126 Laksa

So, is this place next on your food hunting list? Let us know what you think in the comments down below! At times like this, it would be great to show some support to our local food vendors.

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