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Melt-in-Your-Mouth Homemade Pork Burger in Miri

Hey foodies! Now, I know we all love a good Ramly burger to indulge on either for dinner or supper. Burger, being such a sinful yet satisfying comfort food, can be found just about anywhere even from regular roadside stalls. Nothing beats a good serving of juicy and thick patty burger, am I right? What’s even better is if the patty is made from pork! Yes, PORK BURGER can be found at The Cage Grill in Miri.

Pork Burgers at The Cage Grill, Miri

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The Story behind these Burgers

The Cage Grill first started in 2019 by Mr. Wong (the stall owner) who has always been a burger fanatic since he was young. Before he opened up this stall, he took several years experimenting and perfecting his pork patty recipe. Today, in his early 20s, he is the master behind each of these marvelous pork burgers.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Each burger consists of fresh ingredients such as slightly charred buns, crunchy green lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sunny side-up egg and grilled-cheese pork patty. Their one-of-a-kind tasting pork patty weighs about 120 gram each, giving that juiciness whenever biting into it. In addition, you can pick between two types of sauces for your burger, either their homemade Honey Mustard or BBQ sauce. They took the extra effort to even customize their buns (supplied by Sino Bun Miri) by having their logo stamped on it.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Look at that fat, juicy and thick pork patty! Every burger is made fresh on the spot upon ordering. Therefore, no worries on being served cold burger.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

“Double Bacon” Pork Burger with BBQ Sauce (Combo Set)

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

One of their popular menu items has got to be their “Double Bacon” pork burger served with BBQ sauce. The bacon being fried to crispy perfection may be the most sinful element on this food plate. Shoestring fries are being served hot on the side with some chilli sauce, a combination that may have you devouring on. They have 3 types of fries for you to choose from whenever you order up their combo set; shoestring, crinkle-cut and also straight-cut fries (popular choice among customers).

“Double Cheesy” Pork Burger with Honey Mustard Sauce

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Next, another favourite food item by customers would be their “Double Cheesy” pork burger served with Honey Mustard sauce. These thick patties, being beautifully stacked, are coated if not drenched with melting cheese. Visually, this cheesy goodness is very appetizing and is to die for!

“Ahjumma” Pork Burger (July Special)

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Every month, The Cage Grill would launch a monthly special food menu. As for the month of July, it was this “Ahjumma” burger. This burger is served with oozy egg, pork patty, green lettuce, a slice of tomato and a generous serving of Kimchi which was the main star of this whole dish basically. Lastly, it is garnished with Korean BBQ with Honey Mustard sauce. The bun was indeed very extraordinary, being coloured in pink and topped off with some sesame seeds giving that extra nutty flavour and added crunch to the burger.

Among all the 3 delicious burgers we tried, this has got to be my personal favourite because of the Kimchi. So crunchy and refreshing, it really brought the burger up a notch. Up until today, it still got me thinking about it. Truly heaven!


Double Bacon – RM 18 Combo Set
Double Cheesy – RM 13 Ala Carte
“Ahjumma” (July Special) – RM 14 Ala Carte


Stall Name: The Cage Grill
Address: Riam Corner Foodcourt (Ground Floor), Lot 9096 of Parent Lot 8720 & 8022, BLK.1, LLD, Jalan Miri-Bintulu 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (4pm – 10 pm) [Wednesday Offday]
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Riam Corner Food Court”
Status: Non-Halal
Facebook Page: The Cage Grill
Instagram Account: The Cage Grill
WhatsApp: 016-5780060 (For Pre-Order)

There is usually a crowd on Saturday nights, so do come on down early if you wanna grab something sinful yet yummy for your belly! At times like this, it would be great to show some support to our local food vendors. <3

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