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Top 5 Places for Street Burgers in Miri

Burger connoisseur, this article is specially created for all of you! We know that there are a lot of places for good street burgers in Miri. If there are other places that you recommend, leave us a comment below! We will try and feature them in the next article!

Here’s for the love of street burgers, we bring you Top 5 Places to eat Street Burgers in Miri!

1. The MC’S WOK

Operating since 2016, MC’s Wok is definitely a must try street burger stall if you come and visit Miri. Famously known with their charcoal burger and delicious pork patty; made with 100% homemade pork, I guaranteed one bite to this burger will surely makes you wan to come back for more!

(image by @mcswok on Instagram)

Try their Nori Burger; grilled pork topped with wasabi mayo, Nori, sunny side up and cheddar cheeseand also served with tomato and lettuce. What makes this burger unique apart from being served with wasabi mayo sauce? The sunny side up in the burger! You can never go wrong with additional egg in your burger!

(image by @mcswok on Instagram)

You also can try their bestseller burger, Extreme Burger. Grilled pork topped with smoky bacon, homemade BBQ sauce and cheddar, this burger is a beautiful treat to your tastebud!

There are also side dishes to be paired with the burger. They served fries, cheesy fries, cheesy bacon fries and cheesy wedges. Well, what are you waiting for? Come and visit MC’s Wok at 59 Street, Marina to get a taste of delicious, succulent pork burger!


Shop name: The MC’s Wok
Address: 59 Street, Lot 2077-2078, Marina Square Phase 1, 98000, Miri, Sarawak.
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “The MC’s Wok (Marina Square)”
Operating hours: 6 pm until 12 pm.


(image by @grasso.burger.joint on Instagram)

Looking for thick patty for your burger? Worry no more, head down to Grasso Burger Joint to satisfy your crave!

(image by @grasso.burger.joint on Instagram)

Grasso Burger Joint is a Halal burger joint that served thick, homemade patty of 130gram beef and 150gram chicken. What matter is most is – they served their burger with a generous serving of hot melted mozzarella! Imagine, biting your burger while slurping the mozzarella cheese; this equals to PERFECTION! The price? It’s surprisingly affordable and it’s worth for your hungry stomach. Their best sellers are double beef/chicken burger and mozzarella cheese burger.


Shop name: Grasso Burger Joint
Address: Piasau Jaya Phase 1 Jalan Dato Muip
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Grasso Burger Joint”
Operating hours: 6.00 pm until 11pm.


Don’s Burger is famously known with their size of the burger. Their burger is twice the size of any original burger that you can found. Twice the size, twice the sauce, full with stuffing and cheese; it will surely satisfy any hungry stomach!

Don’s Burger served three types of burger – chicken, beef and combination of beef and chicken burger. For their chicken burger, they fried the chicken patty making it’s unique from other street burger vendor.

(image taken from Don’s Burger Facebook Page)

Why not take a bite to their 240 Krispsy Madness, loaded with double crispy fried chicken patty and generous amount of cheese, and experience yourself the crispiness of the fried chicken patty.

(image taken from Don’s Burger Facebook Page)

For beef lover, try Dons Favo. What makes Dons Favo special? You will be served not one, but triple beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and tomato and salad! Imagine biting into that!

(image taken from Don’s Burger Facebook Page)

And if you kinda want to eat both chicken and beef burger, try their 240 Krispsy Extra Streaky, a combination fried chicken patty and beef patty.


Shop name: Don’s Burger
Address: Lot 1989, Jalan Pujut 9B, Pujut 9, Miri
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Don’s Burger”
Operating hours: 10.00 am until 12am.


KFCK is a famous local restaurant hidden among the neighborhood of Piasau and it is also a Halal joint burger.

(image taken from Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen Facebook Page)

Their classic KFCK beef original with KFCK special sauce is a must try! Loaded with beef patty and covered with cheese and their special sauce, one bite of the burger will makes you wanting for more!

(image taken from Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen Facebook Page)

If you not a beef lover, try their KFCK Chicken Extreme. You will get chicken patty topped with chicken meatloaf, cheese and caramelized onion; what a chicken fiesta your mouth going to experience!


Address: Lot 668, Piasau Jaya 1A, Miri
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “KINKY FAT CHEF KITCHEN”
Operating hours: 5.30 pm until 11.30 pm.


(image taken from CoCo D’Permai Home Made Pork Burger Miri Facebook Page)

Coco D’Permai is located at Lot 7879, Taman Permai Bandar Baru Permyjaya, Miri and it is a non-Halal burger joint that sell homemade pork burger.

Who doesn’t love juicy pork patty? Well, you can find juicy and delicious pork patty here. They don’t serve single patty pork burger, but instead they serve double patty pork burger! How satisfying is that going to be? They served quite a simple burger, pork patty and a choice of sauce; garlic, cheese, mushroom, black pepper, BBQ sauce, butter tomato and even peanut “satay”. However, keep in mind, the flavor of the burger and the juiciness of the pork patty is what their customer aimed for. No wonder their customers keep coming back for more for this burger!


Address: Lot.7879 taman permai bandar baru permyjaya Miri, Sarawak
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Coco D’Permai Home Made Pork Burger Stall”
Operating hours: 6.00 pm until 11.00 pm.

So there you go! Our Top 5 places for Street Burgers in Miri! If you think we have missed out on a few places, let us know in the comment section below!

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