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First Ever Cheese Laksa in Kuching

Not sure where to grab a bowl of the iconic Sarawak Laksa for breakfast before catching your flight at the airport? A locally known coffee shop named Gala Corner, located at Gala City, Kuching is a great place to consider.

One of the unique delicacies Gala Corner has to offer is the infamous Cheese Laksa, served by Sunday Market Laksa Stall. Yes, you heard me right, Cheese Laksa! A dish so rare you may not have encountered before. Who would have ever thought of adding cheese to a bowl of Laksa? The owner of this stall has definitely stepped up his game on his take upon the ordinary version of the dish.

The owner starts his business as early as 6am until he sells outs, which is usually around 12pm to 1pm. Do come early to avoid any disappointment!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

The commonly used ingredients by many Laksa vendors would be big prawns, lala or shredded chicken. Hence, that’s when the owner came up with the quirky idea of adding cheese. But before testing it on Laksa, he initially experimented it with Maggi Mee. From there, he saw the potential of how cheese would go so well together with noodles. Soon after that, he proceeded attempting it onto his bowl of Laksa.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Their Laksa comes in two different sizes which is the REGULAR and the SPECIAL. The only differences between these two is that the Special has additional amount of prawn and mee. To order the cheese laksa, you can have the option of adding an extra layer of Anchor quality cheese for only RM 1.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Here’s how the bowl of Cheese Laksa is put together:

First, the delicate rice vermicelli is being blanched in hot boiling water and then excess water is being drenched off. The toppings comes in next by placing a scoopful of crunchy bean sprouts, fresh shredded chicken, plump juicy prawns and a generous layer of Anchor cheese.

The piping hot Laksa gravy is poured into the bowl which eventually causes the cheese to melt instantly, coating the fat prawns with its creaminess. And there you go, noodles being drowned in very fragrant Laksa broth made from prawns and coconut milk giving you that very luscious taste. This cheezy twist upon Laksa definitely caters to those who are CHEESE FANATIC.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Despite the stall’s owner innovative idea upon Cheese Laksa, he still wants the authenticity of the dish to remain true to our hearts. Thus, they also serve the original Kuching Laksa version if you are not up for their Cheese Laksa. Every bowl of the original Laksa is served with a teaspoon of homemade sambal belacan and lime to give that tangy flavour. I promise you, you won’t have regrets trying this before flying off from Kuching.


Cheese Laksa: RM 7 (Regular), RM 10 (Special)
Normal Laksa: RM 6 (Regular), RM 9 (Special)


Stall Name: Sunday Market Laksa
Address: Gala Corner 家乐城美食閣, 24, Jalan Luis, Kempas Heights, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
Opening Hours: 6am to 2pm (Usually sells out around 12pm to 1pm)
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Gala Corner, gala city”

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