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7 Kueh Chap Spots in Kuching, Sarawak

Kueh Chap lovers, assemble! Are you looking for places to have Kueh Chap in Kuching, Sarawak? Here’s a list to help you with that. Since everything will go down to preference and each person’s taste at the end of the day, I will not say which is the best and whatnot. So, without wasting any more time, without any particular order, let’s get it! 

1. Ah Seng Kueh Chap at Rooyi Cafe, Kuching, Sarawak

Kueh Chap at Rooyi Cafe
Images taken from Arthur Wong’s Facebook

Ah Seng Kueh Chap is situated in Rooyi Cafe which is located at India Street Pedestrian Mall and is probably one of the places that have been serving Kueh Chap for more than decades in Kuching, Sarawak! I notice that there are two ways of serving Kueh Chap, either you dunk everything in one bowl or you can have them separately. So, here, you can choose to either have it all in one bowl or have it separately. To each its own way! Here, you can choose the type of pork meat or pork innards you want. To eat kueh chap with full satisfaction, choose the pork meat and innards that you enjoy! 


Ah Seng Kueh Chap, Rooyi Cafe
Address: 24, Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Operation hours: 6.30AM – 2.00PM
Google maps: Rooyi Cafe

2. Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap

Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap
Image taken from Kueh Kwang Siew

Next, we have Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap. This roadside stall has been serving Kueh Chap for a while now and is said to be one of the best Kueh Chap in Kuching. Of course, some may not agree because everyone’s taste profile is different. I have yet to try this myself, but the mixed review and comments from friends and family make me the more curious to try them! Have you tried them? I feel like the place is that kind of place that makes you feel like you went back in time. Don’t you think so? 

Kueh Chap in Kuching
Image taken from Thong Yong Kho Facebook


Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap 
Operation hours: 5.15PM – 10.00PM (OFF on Saturdays) 
Address : 210, Lorong Poh Kwong 1, Poh Kong Park, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak.
Google map: Poh Kwong Park Kueh Chap

3. Kueh Chap at Lao Ya Keng Foodcourt 阳春台茶室

Lao Ya Keng Kueh Chap
Image taken from Lao Ya Keng Kueh Chap TT3 Ling Loong Facebook
Crowd in Lao Ya Keng area
Image taken from Stephen Abraham Google Review

Here’s another famous spot for Kueh Chap. Located in the Carpenter Street area, this place is famous for its variety of food choices, including its Kueh Chap. Lao Ya Keng is always packed with people! I’ve driven through this area before, not gonna lie, memang always penuh! I never tried because it’s so hard to find parking in the Carpenter Street area. ? But, next time around, I’m gonna make sure I stop by here to try since it is said to be the local’s favorite spot.


Lao Ya Keng Foodcourt
Operation hours: 7AM – 1PM (Daily, CLOSED on Tuesday)
Address: 19, Carpenter St, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Google Map: Lau Ya Keng Foodcourt 阳春台茶室
Other branches: Sekama CX Cafe (beside Culture Inn Cafe), DAI PAI DONG 大排档 – Icom Square

4. 3rd Mile Market Kueh Chap

3rd Mile Market Kueh Chap
Image taken from Siew Ting Chong Facebook

This place shouts legendary! The Kueh Chap at 3rd Mile Market is probably most Kuchingite’s taste of childhood. Until this day, they said this Kueh Chap taste just as good as it was back in the day. Talk about consistency, am I right? There are plenty of food choices available at the 3rd Mile Market, I have been there myself but I didn’t try the Kueh Chap, cause I wanted to try the Mee Sapi. You bet, next on my list is this place! 


3rd Mile Kueh Chap 
Address: 24, Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Operation hours: 6.30AM – 2.00PM
Google Maps: 3rd Mile Kueh Chap

5. Bintawa Kueh Chap

Bintawa Kueh Chap
Image taken from Thong Yong Kho Facebook

Next, we have Bintawa Kueh Chap which is a little bit far from town, they say. But if the food is good, I’m pretty sure it’s worth the trip. This Kueh Chap spot already existed since the 1980s! If that doesn’t say anything, I don’t know what else to say. Locals say that it still retains its original taste today. With over 300 reviews on Google, I believe this place is one of the MUST try. 

Bintawa Kueh Chap
Image taken from Thong Yong Kho Facebook


Bintawa Kueh Chap 
Address: No. 1310, Lot 7719, Jalan Keranji, Tabuan Desa, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
Operation hours: 4.00PM – 11.00PM (Closed on Monday)
Google Maps: Bintawa Kueh Chap

6. Kueh Chap at Thompson Corner Cafe, Kuching

Kueh Chap at Thompson Corner Cafe Kuching
Image taken from Ichikawa Jack Paren Facebook 

Thompson Corner Cafe Kuching is one of the places that also offers an array of food choices to choose from. There’s Laksa, porridge, Claypot rice, and of course Kueh Chap! This place had a fair share of mixed reviews as well. Some claim it to be the BEST in town, some say it’s just alright for them. Judging by the picture, there’s plentiful of meat and innards. 


Kueh Chap at Thompson Cafe (Right across from the Police Station)
Address: 497, 475, Jalan Nanas, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak
Operation hours: 7AM – 2PM
Google Maps: Thompson Cafe

7. Kueh Chap at Tings Cafe BDC, Kuching

Ting's Cafe BDC Kueh Chap
Image taken from Warron Sia Facebook

Last but not least, we have the Kueh Chap stall at the Ting’s Cafe BDC. This is the local’s old favorite port to have breakfast in! Ting’s Cafe BDC would be packed every morning as they have quite a lot of choices for dishes. They have roti canai, Laksa Seafood, Chicken Rice, and YES, Kueh Chap. The Kueh Chap here is famous as the taste is not overpowered by the garlic as one person mentioned. It’s truly one of the well-recommended places to enjoy Kueh Chap. 

Ting's BDC Kueh Chap
Image taken from Edwin Pei Ting Facebook


Kueh Chap Stall at Ting’s Cafe BDC
Address: Taman Bdc, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Operation hours: 7AM – 12.30PM
Google Maps: Ting’s Cafe


Alrighty, that wraps up my list of Kueh Chap in Kuching! Again, when it comes to food, I truly believe it’s all down to preference. Different people, different taste! If I missed out on any legendary or worthy mentioned place for Kueh Chap in Kuching, do let me know in the comments below! 

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