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Golden Potato Ball Miri | That Airy Potato Ball that leaves you wanting more

You know how there are places, shops or even stalls that you keep eyeing, passing by every day. It makes you contemplate whether or not to try it. You ask yourself, what if it’s not worth it? Well, this Golden Potato Ball food truck in Miri, had me battling with my inner self, should I try or nah. Well, guess what? I tried them! 

What is the Golden Potato Ball?

Golden Potato Ball Miri
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

These Golden potato balls are an original Taiwanese snack. It recently stormed Malaysia’s market as one of the scrumptious, crunchy vegan snacks. When I Googled these Golden potato balls, I found out that they are also available in West Malaysia. So, it’s not something new there! The one in Miri, Sarawak just started this year, correct me if I’m wrong. They are basically food trucks parked by the roadside selling potato balls. 

Before trying it, I was super skeptical. A friend of mine who did try these Golden Potato Ball told me that “It’s kosong lah in the middle, but after you’re done, you definitely want some more.” 

Golden Potato Ball
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

When I tried them for the first time, I thought to myself “Oh okay, it’s definitely kosong in the middle! BUT It’s alright!” As I munched on them without realizing it was almost done. My friend gave me hers to finish. Oh my, greedy I was,I know. But you know what they say, rezeki jangan ditolak. 

How do they make the Golden Potato Ball in Miri?

These potato balls are made with only 3 simple ingredients namely sweet potato, tapioca flour and sugar! I didn’t get the chance to see how they roll the sweet potato like the ones on the left side corner of the images below. 

Pressing the Golden Potato Ball
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Me being the curious cat that I am, asked how they make it “kosong” in the middle. They were so friendly and nice to explain how it’s done. They deep fry it while pushing it down like seen above! Also, the temperature of the oil needs to be hot enough to do that. If not, it won’t work. It’ll take around 8 minutes to be done. 

Frying of the Golden Potato Ball
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Sure was fun to watch such a simple snack being made! Look at them, they’re all so puffy now. 

Frying of the Golden Potato Ball
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

After the frying part is done, they will take it out and fan it a while before packing it to serve to customers. 


Golden Potato Ball
Image taken by Borneo Foodie

And there you have it! The Golden Potato ball also known as Bebola Ubi Keledek. If you’ve been thinking of trying it before, but never got the chance to, or you’re just like me, curious but not curious enough to try (before) haha, just give it a try! It’s a light, yummy snack suitable for all ages. Anddd, if you think 10 pieces is enough, girl, think again.

More information:

Shop name: Golden Potato 
Price: 10 pieces – RM5
Operation hours: 11.00am – 10.30pm (Daily)
Location: 1. Marina Phase 2, Parked in front of The Hub 
2. Permyjaya, Parked in front of Singapore Nasi Lemak
IG page: digua.qiu

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