6 MUST TRY places in Miri for Cendol and Rojak


Despite the current rainy weather Miri is experiencing, we do have our days whereby the humidity just triggers us with its heat. At those very moments, all we could think of is a pleasant bowl of shaved ice and perhaps Rojak or Cucur Udang to pair with it. This heavenly combination brings THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Here are my top recommendations for some ICY GOODNESS along with some snacks for a hot afternoon:

1. Durian Cendol & Cucur Udang @五条路 PUJUT 5 Ice Kacang

This little shop located at the residential area of Pujut 5, serves one of the best shaved ice I ever had in Miri. The owner of this shop produces her own pandan juice to make their cendol (Malay Pandan Jelly) and spoons out an unsparing amount of durian puree for their signature dish, the Durian Cendol. It doesn’t get any more authentic than that. Something so good yet so impious!

Images taken by 五条路 PUJUT 5 ice kacang – Facebook

Their menu also includes the regular Cendol Ice Kacang and ABC Special, but their Soursop Shaved Ice is something very unique that I tried. It tasted so refreshing and exquisite which may have you floating on cloud nine.

Images taken by 五条路 PUJUT 5 ice kacang – Facebook

The shop also serves Cucur Udang whereby the aunty fries the food to order so that customers can enjoy while it is still pippin’ hot. The thick rojak paste with some sprinkles of ground nuts served alongside the Cucur Udang was superb tasting, and the crazy good chilli sauce compliments everything.

Images taken by 五条路 PUJUT 5 ice kacang – Facebook

This place really gives a type of home feel just as if your own aunty is whipping up snacks for you to enjoy in the afternoon. Definitely a MUST-TRY in Miri! You won’t regret it!

Images taken by 五条路 PUJUT 5 ice kacang – Facebook


Durian Cendol RM 8
Soursop Shaved Ice RM 7
Cucur Udang RM 8
Cendol Ice Kacang RM 3.50
ABC Special RM 3.50


Shop Name: 五条路 PUJUT 5 Ice Kacang
Address: Lot 2294, Pujut 5, Miri, Sarawak 98000 (Same row as The Seeker Bistro)
Operating Hours: Everyday 12pm to 5.30pm (OFF DAY may vary depending on the owner)
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “五条路 PUJUT 5 Ice kacang”

2. Cendol & Sotong Kangkung @Stall 10 Taman Tunku

An affordable bowl of Cendol at the price of RM 3.80 can be found at any branch of Stall 10 (total of 4 branches in Miri). The popular icy dessert is a concoction of various toppings including the green-stripes jelly, red bean, coconut milk and quality Gula Melaka giving that touch of caramel taste. Gula Melaka and white sugar are provided at each table if anyone wants to add an extra drop of sweetness to their bowl.

Images taken by @augustinerudu – Instagram

Their Sotong Kangkung is also very much loved by customers given that the texture of the Sotong is really silky smooth, granting that nice bite with the Kangkung. It doesn’t have any pungent smell, showing that it was well prepared and fresh. I would recommend eating it with their spicy Sabah chilli sauce as it really elevates the flavour and gives it an additional ‘kick’.

Images taken by @augustinerudu – Instagram

Something more preferred by the youngsters would be the Special Shaved Ice, being topped with a couple of syrup-ed Longans and corns. The taste of it is slightly sweeter than the Cendol, due to the rose syrup used in it.

Image taken by @iedakhaleeda_ – Instagram

Stall 10 usually gets crowded from 3.30pm onwards because that’s when tea time happens. But it’s worth waiting in line for, so give it a try!


Cendol RM 3.80
Special RM 3.80
Sotong Kangkung RM 10


Shop Name: Stall 10 Taman Tunku
Address: Taman Tunku, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Other 3 locations:
Stall 10 Bandar (Beside Sin Liang Stall No.1)
Stall 10 Permyjaya (Nearby BSN Permyjaya)
Stall 10 Riam (Nearby Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari Sdn Bhd)

Operating Hours:
Taman Tunku 9.30am to 7.30pm
Bandar 10am to 7pm
Permyjaya 11am to 7pm
Riam 11am to 7pm

Waze/Google Maps:
Search for “Stall 10 Taman Tunku”
“Stall 10 Bandar”
“Stall 10 Permyjaya”
“Stall 10 Riam”

3. Durian Nata de Coco Shaved Ice & Cucur @Tang Cold Drink Centre

Another place serving sensational Durian Shaved Ice is Tang Cold Drink Centre located near Pei Min Middle School. This dessert stall is not located at a typical shop lot, but instead it’s at a house. So it may not be easily visible to seek, but as you enter the ‘Simpang’ you will find your way in.

Their Durian Nata de Coco is really phenomenal as you can taste the legit creaminess of the Durian puree going so well with the soft shaved ice. Truly a match made in heaven. Hands down! One of the best Miri has to offer. I promise you it doesn’t taste too ‘Jelak’ or overwhelming because the ratio of the ice and durian is proportionate. Give it a go, and you’ll see what I mean. DIE DIE MUST TRY!!

Image taken by @fooooooooooddddd – Instagram

The shop also serves up the usual ABC, Cendol, Special, Rojak, Cucur, Keladi Ubi and Udang Tauhu.

Image taken by @raywjr – Instagram

I would recommend the Keladi Ubi because they are deep-fried to perfection, giving you that crispy outer layer meanwhile being soft on the inside when served hot. It just warmth my heart thinking about it. Their sweet paste for the Keladi Ubi dish and also the decent amount of chili sauce provided is very palatable, not overwhelming at all.

Image taken by @lifethroughmyphonelens


Durian Nata de Coco Shaved Ice RM 8
Keladi Ubi RM 7


Shop Name: Tang Cold Drink Centre
Address: Jalan Jee Foh 4, 98000 Miri, Sarawak (Near Pei Min Middle School)
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 1.30pm to 6pm (SUNDAY OFF DAY)
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Tang Cold Drink Center”

4. Kacang Cendol @ Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan Piasau

Another place worth mentioning would be Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan which has been operating for many years serving the locals appetizing food and drinks. There are three locations in total, one situated at Piasau area, another at Luak Bay area and the latest one is located at Marina Times Square sharing the same shoplot with Tife (a Bubble Tea shop).

Image taken by Freda Maran – Facebook

The frequently ordered dessert would be the Kacang Cendol covered with numerous ingredients essential to make it taste good includes their chewy green-stripes jelly, corn and sweet red beans being soaked in a bowl of shaved ice, sugar syrup and evaporated milk. Who knew how much of that goodness could give customers satisfaction!

Image taken by Eric Chai Pf – Facebook

Their goreng campur is also a highlight of their shop, whereby the dish consists of kuih udang, ubi, keladi and also tauhu. The generous amount of gravy/sauce poured on top of the dish accompanied with a spoonful of chilli sauce on the side really sets it for me.

The best part was the plentiful garnish of crushed peanuts sitting on top of everything giving that extra layer of texture when biting into each crunchy bits. I’m afraid you may seek for more after having this plate of pure pleasure.


Kacang Cendol RM 3.80
Goreng Campur RM 8.5 (1-2 people portion)


Shop Name: Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan
Address: Jalan Piasau Utara 4, Lutong, 98000 Lutong, Miri Sarawak.
Other Location: Lot 8527, Ground Floor, Xiang Xiang Shoplot, Jalan Luak Bay, Miri Sarawak.
Operating Hours: Piasau Tues – Sun 10am to 7pm (MONDAY OFF DAY)
Luak Bay Everyday 1 to 6pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Old Taste Ice Kacang & Rojak Warisan”

5. ABC & Rojak @ Rojak Stall Lutong

If you’re somehow around the area of Lutong, whether you’re working at Petronas or Shell Office during the weekdays or doing your groceries at New World Mart during the weekends, there happens to be a shop selling gratifying desserts that may ease your quench on a flaring hot day.

Image taken by @pascalnelsonedward – Instagram

The finely shaved ice presented by Rojak Stall Lutong may be up to disperse flavours in your mouth regardless of what you order. The best sellers here that may give you a ‘soothing’ tea time experience would be the ABC, Special, Chandol, and Ais Kacang. The ingredients used in their ABC just like any other shaved ice are red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly and green-stripes jelly. What makes this place good would be how they make the desserts not overly sweet nor bland, which suits the taste buds of elderlies.

Their rojak also tastes divine as they properly and evenly coat the ingredients with their paste allowing you to taste their flavoursome dish. The non-finely crushed peanuts being topped off onto the dish enables you to endeavour the bits of it.


ABC RM 3.80
Special RM 3.80
Chandol RM 3.80
Ais Kacang RM 3.80
Rojak RM 8


Shop Name: Rojak Stall Lutong
Address: Jalan Kampung Tulang, Kampung Tulang, 98000 Lutong, Sarawak
Operating Hours: Everyday 10.30am to 6.45pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Rojak Stall Lutong”

6. Watermelon Sago Susu & Sotong Tauhu @ Yummy Cold Drinks House

Image taken by Yummy Cold Drinks House – Facebook

One of the few shops in Senadin serving shaved ice is Yummy Cold Drinks House. The name of the shop indeed speaks for itself, whereby their desserts and snacks are yummy. Their menu includes Cendol with Peanut, Special with Watermelon followed by Cendol with Milo and Ice Cream.

However, the youngsters prefer the Watermelon Sago Susu (shown in the image below). It is to no surprise why that type of shaved ice is well-welcomed because the watermelon tasted so sweet and refreshing, satisfying one’s thirst. The sago hidden beneath the ice cream and the fruit soaks up all the flavour poured into that cold goodness. I don’t think I can get enough of this, what more to say when there’s an ice cream on top!

Image taken by @lulabies92 – Instagram

My favourite snack here would be the Sotong Tauhu being garnished with non-perfectly grinded nuts. The nicely fried tauhu was so smooth as well as the Sotong. Their paste was indeed delightful making the whole dish very satisfying.

Image taken by Yummy Cold Drinks House – Facebook


Watermelon Sago Susu RM 5
Cendol with Peanut RM 4.50
Special with Watermelon RM 5
Cendol with Milo and Ice Cream RM 6.50
Sotong Tauhu RM 8


Shop Name: Yummy Cold Drinks House
Address: Senadin Commercial Centre, Miri, Sarawak. (Same row as Jia Jia Kitchen)
Operating Hours: Everyday 10.30am to 6.45pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Yummy Cold Drinks House”

Well there’s all I have to mention about my top recommendations for anyone wanting to quench their thirst on a hot day or maybe just for some light snacks before dinner in Miri. Each of these places has their own unique flavour and twist into their shaved ice and also rojak/cucur so it really depends on what suits your liking.

If I missed out any other amazing places that I should write about next time, do feel free to leave us a message. Remember to help share this article and click the like button to spread the love. Take care and love you lots!


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