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5 Mee Kolok Places in Kuching You Should Try [NON-Halal]

You know, having too many choices to go for makan-makan can also be a headache. If you’re looking for places to enjoy Mee Kolok in Kuching, look no further. Let me help break it down for you. Here are some of my very own favorite places to enjoy Mee Kolok and some hot recommendations from the locals. Let’s not waste any more time! 

1. Kafe Bujang Lelang

Image taken from Kafe Bujang Lelang FB

First on my list is this hidden place in Batu Kawa, Kafe Bujang Lelang! This place serves Mee Kolok a little differently from your usual Chinese go-to Mee Kolok. This stall is owned by Dayak, thus the method of preparation is a little different. Nevertheless, my first visit to this place was superb. Everything taste good, and was on point! I went there for a second time to see if they are consistent, and I can tell you that they did not disappoint me. 

Image taken from Kafe Bujang Lelang FB


Kafe Bujang Lelang
Operation hours: 8AM-2PM (Daily, Closed on Mondays)
Google Maps:

2. Sin Lian Shin

Next, we have Sin Lian Shin! The legendary Sin Lian Shin Mee Kolok in Kuching. Okay, this place will make me fight some people. Come, fight me! Just kidding. As we all know, anything, not just food is all based on preference. Sin Lian Shin, for me is SUPERB! Their bowl of Mee Kolok is just simple, the traditional Mee Kolok lah. Sin Lian Shin has been around for more than 5 decades, that’s how legendary it is. It’s really popular among students and workers around the area! It gets really packed even from the get go. Pssttt, go there early if you don’t wanna wait too long. For me, it’s worth the wait. 


Sin Lian Shin
Operation hours: 6AM-Until Finish (Usually around noon, Closed on Tuesdays)
Google Maps:

3. Oriental Park Kolok Mee

Third, we have Oriental Park Kolok Mee! This one is also one of the popular spots to get Mee Kolok in Kuching for the locals. It is indeed the perfect, traditional Mee Kolok some would say. It’s simple, not too over the top, but the taste is well balanced that one bowl is simply not enough. I’d say Sin Lian Shin and Oriental Park Kolok Mee is that kind of place that I’d definitely order a second bowl. Same as Sin Lian Shin, if you want to try this place, be there early! They finish pretty early most of the time. Shows just how loved they are by the people. 


Oriental Park Kolok Mee
Operation hours: 6AM – 1PM (Usually until finish-depends)
Google Maps:

4. Mee Kolok at 嘉远茶餐室

Image taken from ThianYong Chan Google Review

Here’s another yet very iconic Mee Kolok place, 嘉远茶餐室! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really know how to type Chinese characters. Got their name from Google, anyone can tell me how to say the shop’s name though? I just call it Kedai Legend in Sekama. Back then, they operated from just a small, wooden stall at the side backdoor of the shop! Now, they are operating from the whole corner shop. This place is really recommended by many locals, so, apa lagi? MUST go! 

Image taken from Lau Lau Google Review


嘉远茶餐室, Kuching Sarawak
Operation hours: 7AM–1PM, 5PM–12AM (Daily, CLOSED on Thursdays)
Google Maps:

5. Kim Joo 錦裕

Image taken from Kim Joo 錦裕 FB

Last but not least, Mee Kolok at Kim Joo 錦裕! If you love some hint of sour in your Mee Kolok, then this is your place. Kim Joo is a place that adds vinegar to their Mee Kolok, which makes them a little different from any other place that serves Mee Kolok. It’s also a place that will make you feel homey and welcomed. Definitely highly recommended if you would like to try something different! Also, don’t be fooled by the colour of the noodle. You know, how you look at the food and already assume that it will taste like how it looks? The Mee Kolok here will shock you. Curious about what I’m saying? Give it a try and let me know! 


Kim Joo 錦裕
Operation hours: 6.30AM-2PM – Daily, 6.30AM-12.30PM (Closed on Mondays)
Google Maps:

Alrighty, Borneo Foodies! That’s all for my list for now. Do try all these places I listed, because I have tried them myself and they all are very recommended by the locals too! If I missed any other legendary places or you have great recommendations, comment them down below. Till then! 

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