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The Famous ManokBeast Fried Chicken in Kuching

Craving for some succulent fried chicken after a long day of work but not sure where to go? Skip the thoughts of those fast food chains because in this article we introduce to you ManokBeast in Kuching. A place that sells marvelous fried chicken that may be as fairly comparable if not superior than those giants. The best fried chicken of your dreams, can be found here!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

ManokBeast, operating independently by a local Kuchingian named Dabush at Emillies Diner is somewhat famous among the hardcore FRIED CHICKEN fans. Emillies Diner, a hidden society place situated near the residential area of Taman Matang Indah, is a popular spot for the locals especially the youngsters to hangout at night.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Decorated nicely with vibrant colours in a modernized way, with a touch of an “old school” feel to it due to rustic cars displayed outside the diner. Definitely eye-catching if you’re passing by the neighbourhood. The atmosphere here is certainly inviting and has an overall good vibe, great if you’re considering to get away from the nightlife of Kuching.

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Unexpectedly, this place serves up some crazy good chicken that may have you hooked on. Most patrons swear by this tasty fried chicken because of the juicy and tender chicken, deep fried to perfection, causing the skin to be extra crunchy and crisp. Not to mention, that each “ManokBeast” is poured over with Dabush’s secret sauce that resembles a familiar taste of spicy garlic mayo and cheese. The finely marinated chicken along with the sauce goes harmoniously together. Please don’t faint after taking a bite of it. Because it is really out of this world!

Image taken by Borneo Foodie

Dabush, the founder of ManokBeast, has spent several years in perfecting his recipe. He wanted to come up with a taste that customers could never forget. Indeed he has, that’s why his fried chicken is selling like HOT CAKES! So do come before 9pm to get a taste of it for yourself! Aside from ManokBeast, there are a couple of other vendors in the diner as well. So give the place a try, and see what the hype is about!


ManokBeast’s Fried Chicken: RM 10 


Shop Name: ManokBeast @Emillies Diner
Address: Lot 811, Sec 65, Shoplot KTLD, Jalan Dahlia, Laruh Skim, 93050, Kuching, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (7pm – 11 pm, or until sold out) (TUESDAY OFFDAY)
Waze/ Google Maps: Search for “Emillies Diner”

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