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Everything Chicken at Chickilicious Miri

You can never ever go wrong with fried chickens and having said that if you’d love to have a little bit of “fun” outside of the norm for fried chickens. Why not make Chickilicious a hangout spot whilst getting your chicken cravings satisfied? It’s a pretty cool place for family and friends to gather and share more than a piece of good ol fried chicken (Taiwanese style) as we certainly enjoyed our time there. To really enjoy these huge fried chicken, you will need to eat it without cutting it! This is very important because if you cut it, all the flavors and juiciness will flow out (take note on this).

The Food:

Cheesy Cheese

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

In case the name isn’t a dead giveaway yet, this place serves all things (well almost) fried and chicken. They have a total of 10 flavors and 15 snacks to choose from! And one of their hits would be a favorite to you fellow cheesyholics. It’s their cheese chicken, it’s hot, juicy and tender and crispy just how a fried chicken should be with melted mozzarella on top so you can “boomerang” the moment you pull it apart as well!

Fire Roasted

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Like a little bit of Japanese flair in your chicken? Go for the teriyaki one, sweet and umami-ish and the sesame as well as the bonito adds a good touch of flavor to it.

Crunchy Noodles

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Fancy something with a bit more kick and heat AND extra crunchiness? Ho-oh boy, give the Maggi chicken a try. Not only is the chicken juicy, tender and already crispy, on top of it they added the tongue-tingling mixture of what we think is paprika and cayenne pepper to really give you a kick and extra crunchiness with bits and pieces of fried noodles. A gentle reminder, to really get the best out of this or any of their chicken for that matter always consume ASAP.

Golden Crispy

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Don’t fancy an overcrowded fried chicken on your plate? Don’t worry they also have the original chicken so no need to be shy and like all the others, they share the same characteristics of juiciness and tenderness!

Sweet Plum Potato

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Prefer something on the lighter side? They got you covered with the sweet potato fries, it’s definitely one of the highlights over here for us and were told its their best seller so have a go at it. We were told that their sweet potatoes are homemade, they handpick the sweet potatoes and slice them thinly for deep-frying so you would get some great fries that’s not soggy at all.

Golden Mushroom

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Like some mushroom as snacks? They got that cool fried mushrooms fried tempura-style. Has a pepperish taste and juicy too and not overwhelmed at all by the taste of the batter.

Signature Ultra Lemon

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

Besides that, they also have the perfect drink to wash down all that chicken you just ate. Their “Signature Ultra Lemon” was a real game changer because after eating all that fry stuff, you just want to wash it down with something cool and refreshing.


If you got that itch for fried chicken Taiwanese style, well this place would definitely scratch that for you. It’s pretty chill and a good spot to hangout with friends and families alike. Like with most fried food, it’s always recommended to consume them within 15 minutes to really enjoy them and get that maximum juiciness when you bite into it.

The Location:

Shop name: Chickilicious
They have two branches in Miri. Once is at Center Point while the newly build one is inside Bintang Megamall. We went for the Bintang Megamall branch.

Center Point branch:
Address: Lot 1836,Centre Point Phase 2, Miri, Sarawak. (Beside Standard Chartered Bank)
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Chickilicious”
Operating Hour: Open Daily from 10am – 10pm

Bintang Megamall Branch:
Address: G.68, Ground Floor (Same Row with UNIQLO)
Operating Hour: Open Daily from 10am – 10pm

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