These 6 Miri Home-bakers Will Make Your Wedding Cake Insta-Perfect

Is it safe to say tis the season to get married? I don’t know about yall, but my social media timeline is filled with wedding pictures and videos. Now, a wedding will not be complete without a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding cake, wouldn’t it? Choosing the right baker for your wedding cake is crucial. But if you haven’t checked out bakers yet, we suggest tapping “follow” on all these 5 accounts for maximum gawking (and hopefully limited drooling!). Without further ado, here are 6 Miri home-bakers that churn out show-stopping cakes daily. 

1. Just Another Guy Who Bakes – The Dessertology

First, on the list, we have The Dessertology! The master baker behind this brand is Idzhar Zahir, better known as Idji who was a Civil engineer graduate. He once said that baking was never on his list for an everyday job. Now, you know how they say “Never say never.”? Today, Idji is one of the home-bakers in Miri who specializes in Modern wedding cakes. Being in trend and seizing the moment is Idji’s strong suit. I’ll add in the pictures, and you be the judge!

Extravaganza wedding cake in Miri
Image taken from The Dessertology Facebook page

It has only been 2 years for Idji, who started baking a few months after the first MCO. It’s amazing what one can achieve in just 2 years of learning and obedience in following recipes. As Idji would say: 

The owner of The Dessertology
Image taken from Idzhar Zahir’s Facebook page

“People who love baking, really love baking. For them, the perfect Sunday involves whipping together a cake. Baking doesn’t require a lot of skill or intuition. If you have a good recipe, you follow it, and the deliciousness just sort of happens. Everyone thinks you’re a genius, but really you just know how to read and follow orders.”

Two 3 tier wedding cake by The Dessertology
Image taken from The Dessertology Facebook Page

Aren’t you in love with his cakes? I totally am! Just look at these stunning masterpieces. His best-selling flavor is the Chocolate Devil Cake! Ooo, sounds delicious. He usually lets the customers choose their preferred filling. The fillings available are butterscotch, chocolate ganache, biscoff, caramel, peanut butter, or just any type of curds. 

If you would love to have Idji for your wedding day, you can check him out below;

Shop name: The Dessertology
Facebook/Instagram page: Thedessertology
Contact Number: +6012-8966493

2. Wedding Cake in Miri by Busy Mama Cake and Pastry

Next, we have Busy Mama Cake and Pastry! The talented baker behind this is Tousey Mang. A 36-year-old full-time baker and also a full-time mother of two! She has always been passionate about baking and sees it as a way to make ends meet. She actually started her business by selling nuts on Facebook. Driven by the positive feedback she got from her customers, she started selling cakes and pastries which in the end were also loved by many. Today, she is able to sell up to 50 – 100 cakes in a month! That’s a LOT! 

Two wedding cake by Busy Mama Cake & Pastry
Image taken from Busy Mama Cake & Pastry Facebook Page

Judging by the looks of her cake, we do get why people love them! Tousey only takes orders on a daily basis to ensure the cakes are freshly delivered. Also, she added that she does not use any preservatives in her cakes, thus she is more comfortable taking orders only when needed. 

A picture of Tousey Mang, the baker of Busy Mama Cake and Pastry
Image taken from FCLA Photography Facebook page

Their best-selling flavors are their premium sponge cake in vanilla, chocolate, pandan, yam, lychee buttercream cheese, red velvet, and chocolate moist! Wow, that’s a lot of flavor. The lychee buttercream cheese definitely sounds yummy! See more of her work in her social media below.

Shop name: Busy Mama Cake and Pastry
Facebook/Instagram page: Busy Mama Cake and Pastry
Contact Number: +6013-8658025

3. Alyssa Victoria’s Cake & Dessert – Alyssavr 

Alyssa started her business back in 2018, a few months after she had her first child. Baking wasn’t actually her hobby nor is it her dream job. Guess what her major is? *wrong buzzer sound* She majored in Mechanical Engineering! Now, after the first one, we have on the list, I’m not even surprised many of the engineering graduates are now brilliant bakers! 

Two wedding cake display from Alyssa Victoria Cake and Pastry
Image taken from Alyssa Victoria Cake and Pastry Instagram

Alyssa wanted to pursue something that allows her to work and also take care of her baby at home. Because of her love for painting and decorating, she was thinking of being either a florist or a baker. Lastly, she chose baking! She only took 2 baking classes and the rest was all self-taught. 

Alyssa Victoria, the owner of Alyssa Victoria Cake and Pastry
Image taken from Alyssa Victoria Instagram page

Her famous and people’s choice for flavoring is her Mega Chocolate cake. Alyssa added that she also only bakes a continental cake. So, to make sure that she always delivers her best, she uses premium ingredients and ensures super, crazy immaculate end results. On top of that, she also will bake your cake fresh on the same day to maintain the quality of the cake.

Two wedding cake display from Alyssa Victoria Cake and Pastry
Image taken from Alyssa Victoria Cake and Pastry Instagram

Would you look at that? Perfectly neat and Insta-worthy looking wedding cake here in Miri! Check out more of her works at her social media below.

Shop name: Alyssa Victoria’s Cake and Pastry
Facebook/Instagram page: alyssavictoria
Contact Number: +6016-5252902

4. An Insta-Worthy Wedding Cake in Miri – Pika Patisserie

Next, we have Pika Patisserie! Afeeqah or better known as Pika is a full-time baker who loves to RnD new recipes! She actually loves playing video games with her friends but ever since she started her humble, cake business, she barely has the time to anymore. Okay, I’m gonna let you guys guess what she majors in this time… 3, 2, 1 time! 

Image taken from Pika Patisserie

You guessed it! She graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 3 years ago. The beginning of her baking story also started after the first lockdown which made her bake at home a lot. She started and never looked back since July 2020. 

Image taken from Pika Patisserie

Pika basically does everything from A to Z! “Yes, I do the prepping, yes I do the baking, (bet you sang that part now) washing, packing, and taking photos. In fact, she even used to deliver them by herself! Talk about independent woman, you go girl! BTW her best-selling flavor is Vanilla or Chocolate Cream Cheesecake. 

“I think each individual baker has their own unique identity or style of desserts that they produce, but I guess my specialty is that (at least) I try to bring something different to the table (etc my new flavour Bandung-flavoured cake). I like making people intrigued with new flavours.”

Pika Patisserie

Bandung-flavoured cake? Can you imagine having a wedding cake in Miri with Bandung flavour? That’s crazy authentic flavoring. Now I’m curious and intrigued. Head on down to her profile to see more of her works! @Pika Patisserie

Shop name: Pika Patisserie
Facebook/Instagram page: Pika Patisserie
Contact Number: +6011-11163877

5. The Joyous Baker – Pou Bakes 

In addition to the list, we have Pou Bakes! Ah Pou, the joyous baker who is behind Pou Bakes decided to turn his hobby, his passion into his career. His early exposure to the food and beverage industry made him fall in love with baking.

After he graduated from secondary school, he went to the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia in 2016 for a 9-month Advanced Diploma course. Ah Pou has been baking since 2017 until now.

Image taken from Pou Bakes Facebook Page

Ah Pou’s cakes are all made from scratch and he has a special recipe for his cake base. He went through countless trials and errors to get the perfect moisture and dense cake base.

Image of Ah Pou, the baker of Pou Bakes
Image taken from Pou Bakes Facebook Page

Ah Pou said handmade stuff can come from anyone, regardless of gender and age, as long as we have faith in what we do. Every baker has a different style of baking, but he believes one thing they all have similar is their passion for baking.

Image taken from Pou Bakes Facebook Page

I’d love a classic wedding cake just like the one on the left! Truly an old but gold concept. If you love yourself a rustic concept wedding cake, Ah Pou is sure to deliver your desires as you wish. 

Their best-selling flavor cake is cheesecake and chocolate Nutella cake. Other flavors that they have are Horlick butter cake, red velvet, fresh banana cake (OMG, they have banana my favorite!), chocolate banana, red bean, strawberry cheesecake, and more! It’s safe to say that Ah Pou offers a lot of yummy flavored cakes! 

Shop name: Pou Bakes
Facebook/Instagram page: Pou Bakes 
Contact Number: +6016-9243798

6. – Minimalistic, rustic wedding cake in Miri is one of the rising home bakers in Miri who is a professionally trained Chef in both Cuisine and Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia & APCA Malaysia. Emily, the gorgeous baker behind said that her love for cooking and baking started from a very young age and is influenced by her parents’ love for cooking. 

Collage of two minimalistic wedding cake in Miri
Image taken from Instagram

Her weekends would be filled with pie-making with her dad, whereas the exciting festive seasons were for all-nighters baking confectioneries and biscuits with her mum. Emily knew at 16 that this was the path she would love to pursue. Even so, her love and passion for baking weren’t enough to convince people around her and their expectations of her. She actually went on to pursue medicine for a while. It was not until 2017, that her life took a total 180 turn when she started her journey at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia! Fast forward to today, she is now doing what she loves the most, baking!

Two modern, minimalistic wedding cake Miri
Image taken from Instagram’s cakes are more minimalistic, sometimes rustic, and occasionally playful with textures. Upon receiving various different cake requests that aren’t necessarily her style of work, Emily said it is still her duty to execute a client’s requests. So, if you’re looking for a minimalist or rustic kind of wedding cake in Miri, do check her out!

“With that said, my ability to work out of my own style & comfort zone is what sets me apart from other bakers.”

Emily, the baker behind
Image taken from Instagram’s best-sellers are Red velvet cake with a smooth & rich cream cheese frosting and also their Sponge Cheesecake with cream cheese frosting & chunky mango compote filling. Fuhhh, that sounds delicious innit. 

Shop name:
Facebook/Instagram page:


That’s the end of our list for this entry! I hope you find a baker to create your perfect wedding cake in Miri. I also hope that they are to your liking or did I make it harder for you to choose since they’re all good? *chuckles* Anyway, you can’t find these one-of-a-kind cakes at any ol’ regular bakery! With these bakers, you can one-up your special day. Now, I think it all goes down to preference, cause each of the bakers I’ve listed above has their own specialties. Good luck with your wedding preparations and congratulations in advance dearies!

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