10 Location for your Next Hiking Sesh in Kuching!

Let’s take a break from a little food hunt to places to go for your next hiking sesh! Sarawak is widely-known for picturesque, lush rainforests, mountains and wildlife. Kuching, Sarawak is one of the places that is blessed with so many immaculate and hidden gems, majestic waterfalls and natural wonders just waiting to be explored. We have listed here 10 hiking places for your next hiking session in Kuching!

1.Sebako, Lundu

Sebako Waterfall
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

First up, we have the Sebako Waterfall which is situated in the Sematan or Lundu area. The drive to the location from the city center will take up more than 1 hour and 45 minutes. After you’ve passed the bridge, make sure to drive slowly so you won’t miss the junction to this place! Anyway, it is said that there is an ultimate waterfall hidden in the heart of the jungle, they say! It has multiple tiers of waterfall. Not only that, if you climb all the way up following the source of the water, you will get to enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic view of nature!

Sebako Waterfall
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

Plenty of climbers and hikers have also shared to be extra careful during the rock climbing as it is slippery and dangerous. I promise, the breathtaking view will take all your stress and tiredness away. Just look at the view! 

2. The Gorgeous Hiking Place Bako National Park, Kuching

Bako National Park
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

Bako National Park is said to be a place that offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s forest and wildlife. It has a number of well-marked trails which you can follow for short pleasant strolls or even serious full-day hikes! You will surely catch a glimpse of us (Joji, really) haha I mean, you will definitely catch a glimpse of the wildlife here in Bako National Park. 

Their extensive trail system is made up of 16 colour-coded jungle trails which offer a range of walking and hiking options. For those who are fit and adventurous, you can go for a full-day jungle hike or even go camping. And for peeps like me, I’d love to just take it easy and opt for a relaxing forest walk instead. ?

3. Kelambu Lang, Bako

Kelambu Lang Sungai Bako
Image taken from Saini Bolly FB

Here’s another heaven for the avid hikers out there, one of Kuching’s hidden gems, Kelambu Lang. Located at Kampung Sungai Bako, Kuching, this place is only 30 minutes away from Kuching city. To go here, you need to use the road leading towards Demak Laut then to Sejingat and lastly Kampung Sungai Bako Jaya. Since this area is under the supervision of the Kampun Sungai Bako community, your visit here will be charged only for your parking spot and also a guide. Besides, the first checkpoint at this place has basic necessities which is the public toilet. 

Kelambu Lang Waterfall
Image taken from Saini Bolly FB

Throughout your hike, you will be able to enjoy 3 astonishing summits! First, is the gorgeous view of the Cat City itself and the villages surrounding it. On the next one, you will be able to see the scenic Gunung Santubong and lastly the third summit where you will be able to enjoy the sea view and the surrounding areas of Pulau Lakei. 

Most hikers recommend that you take the Community’s own guide as they are more knowledgeable about the inside and outs of the place itself. 

4. Bukit Batu Selabat (Bako)

Bukit Selabat
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

At number five, we have Bukit Selabat which is also located in Bako. Located at Kampung Selabat in Muara Tebas, this location is only half an hour drive from Kuching city. This place is one of the breathtaking places you can go for hiking. Just like the Kelambu Lang, Bukit Batu Selabat has something to offer you at the summit. Upon arriving at the summit, the overview of clouds welcoming you will take your breath away! If you want to catch the lovely view, the best time to go would be sunrise, or around 8am. You can also go at 4.30pm to catch the sunset. If you are from Sarawak, or you have been to Sarawak, you know how aesthetically pleasing the sunsets here are. That, I will never argue! 

It is said that even the regular hikers think that this hike is a little challenging! I believe, mostly because it consists of a 45 degree climb, and not much flat areas. If anything, should you want to try hiking here, just be reminded to be careful at all times. 

5. Arong Serait Waterfall

Arong Serait
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

The mesmerising Arong Serait Waterfall, also known as the Karangan Falls in Kampung Selabat. This is the fourth place in the Bako area. Bako is truly a place hiding a lot of astonishing hidden gems. Arong Serait is located 17km away from Kuching City, which is not that far if you ask me. Before arriving at the Arong Serait waterfall, you will be walking, hiking and climbing through rocks and steep areas. It is said that the first 15 minutes are easy. After that, it’s all thrill and adventure. For those seeking for a thrilling and adventurous hike, you should definitely check out this place.

6. The perfect hiking place in Kuching does not exi – Wong Panchor, Simunjan

Wong Panchor, Simunjan (1)
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

This one’s a real stunner! The Wong Panchor is a waterfall located in Kampung Mentu, Simunjan. Based on what I read, it seems like this is the easiest hike of all as it only takes 45 minutes to reach Wong Panchor waterfall. Although it takes a shorter time to reach the waterfall from the first point, the drive to Kampung Mentu, Simunjan is otherwise! It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes of driving to reach. But nothing more fun than a road trip, am I right? Anyway, if you wish to proceed and see the beauty of another stunning waterfall, the Wong Mawang waterfall, that’s going to be another 30 minutes walk only. 

7. The Surreal Santubong Waterfall

Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

This next gorgeous hiking spot is located within Santubong Forest Reserve. There’s basically two treks for this place. One, the easier one that will take up 30 minutes. The other trek, which is the top of Mount Santubong would take you up to 3 to 4 hours for the 3.5km hike. 

Santubong Curtain falls
Image taken from Bakir Bujang

It is really recommended to start early in  the morning when the sun isn’t scorching hot, and to do a bit of stretching both before and after the trek. This is to prevent unwanted cramps and injuries.

8. Bung Jagoi, Bau

Bung Jagoi
Image sourced from Bung Jagoi FB

Bung Jagoi is another beautiful place for your hiking sesh! Just an hour’s drive from Kuching, Bung Jagoi is located near the Malaysia-Kalimantan, Indonesia border. Here’s an interesting fact about Bung Jagoi; it is the first Bidayuh village established in the Jagoi areas and steeped in cultural heritage. 

To hike here, you need to park your cars and register at the Visitors Information Centre at Kampung Duyoh before hiking uphill for an hour. It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes and brings some snacks and drinks. Anyway, it was said that it will not be an uphill struggle since the initial stair climbing is pretty easy and light. Other than that, toiles are also available. 

9. Bengoh Dam (Padawan)

Bengoh Dam
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of this place. I’ve only driven passed the area as I was in a dear friend’s village. It is called the breathtaking, hidden Jurassic Park of Sarawak – Bengoh Dam. Bengoh Dam is an hour’s drive from Kuching City. If you love being in nature and are an explorer, you MUST add this in your bucket list. I have not been doing a lot of these nature-adventure things, but this place is making me want to get out there and hike! 

Bengoh Dam
Image courtesy of Nazrin Junaidi

Before starting your hiking journey, you must purchase tickets from local travel agencies or tour guides first, if not you won’t be able to enter the village. A day trip would cost around RM57/pax. This includes the entrance fee of RM7, a local guide, a boat with the driver and stops at Pean Waterfall, Susung Waterfall (Jurassic) and also Kampung Sting. On a side note, if you would like to add on lunch, an additional RM20 would be needed. Nevertheless, I think it is all worth it!

10. Ban Buan Ku Kuot Waterfall, Kg Sadir Padawan

Last but not least, we have the heavenly Ban Buan Kukuot situated near Kampung Sadir, Padawan, 50km south of Kuching. If you’re driving from Kota Samarahan, it will only take you around 1-hour plus. It is said that it’s an easy trail! I think this spot won’t be a problem for those who usually go on a hike. For someone like me on the other hand, *chuckles*. Shoutout to that one friend who without fail invites me to a hike, and me for always declining and saying I’m afraid I’ll just delay their hike. HAHA. Anyway, back to the Ban Buan Kukuot! This place is definitely another MUST-go place. There’s also a triple pool, which I never knew existed before. Just look at that beaut! 


Writing about these places is making me want to go mentally, but I’m not sure I will ever be there physically. HAHA. Just kidding. One day, I will! I’ve added all these places to my bucket list. It definitely was fun writing about these gorgeous, gorgeous places in Sarawak! If you have been to these places, let us know how your experience was. Also, if you are going for the first time, make sure you are well prepared! If there’s a local guide for the place, I’d suggest hiring them as they know the places in and out. Well, that’s it for this entry my peeps! Hope you guys enjoyed a breather from just food reviews from me. Till then! 


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