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Grasso Legendary Mozzarella Burger in Miri

Got a thing for thick, juicy, succulent, meaty homemade burgers? Well, keep your pants on as we’re taking on Grasso.

Grasso is located in Piasau Jaya Phase 1 just a stone’s throw away (like really small throw) from the owner’s house, so yes they really take this whole homemade thing seriously! (and literally!)

The Food:

1) Mozzarella Cheese Burger

“Mozzarella Cheese Burger” (Image by Borneo Foodie)

Beautifully grilled homemade patty fresh off the grill topped with a cheddar slice, homemade cheese sauce and then layered with a generous serving of hot melted mozzarella that just blankets the whole patty!

What is there to be said about this dish that isn’t good? You get to see the chef carry your patty tenderly off the grill into your buns and slather an obscene amount of cheese right in front of you so you get to smell that dairy goodness, that fragrant patty all the while drooling with your phone in video mode in your hand like a rowdy yet beautiful ensemble. The homemade patties are a choice of either chicken (150g) or beef (130g) are marvelous, its succulent and addictive and just breaks down in your mouth. The flavors are robust due to the triple threat of cheesiness jammed in this beauty.

2) Spicy Hawaii Beef or Chicken

“Spicy Hawaii Beef or Chicken” (Image by Borneo Foodie)

Fancy yourself someone who prefers something with more complexity and heat? Well fret not, they also have the spicy burger perfect for you spice enthusiast with an added bit of sweetness. I personally am not a big fan of spicy and hot food, but this burger had its own special features such as being topped with pineapple. Mind you the pineapple isn’t merely a fancy decoration, pineapple actually acts as a natural meat tenderizer making your patty moist and tender. Pineapple also has properties which cuts the fattiness and spiciness in a food. The fresh lettuce and onion slices adds an extra crunch to their burgers giving you a pleasant and wonderful experience.

3) Double Beef or Chicken

“Double Beef or Chicken” (Image by Borneo Foodie)

Prefer something safer? Then the double with their signature beef sauce is your go-to as your patty is coated in a generous amount of thick sauce which has a nice mellow beefy flavour as well as that zing that black pepper has. We also chose to take the double patties with this sauce as recommended by the owner, we went with mix patties and we truly enjoyed it as the different textures of the meat just blends in your mouth so well and the sauce (oh my god!) just complements it all. A must try! With mixed patties of course!

4) Cheesy Mozzarella Fries

“Cheesy Mozzarella Fries” (Images by Borneo Foodie)

Ok so remember how I say I dislike spicy stuff? Well, maybe I just never tried em like I did with this fries. Introducing Grasso’s Cheesy Mozzarella Fries! A plate of fries that is coated in obscene amount of melted cheese and splashes of smoky hot sauce here and there whose flavours just intertwines with each other really well. Its pretty “shocking” to the taste buds as most cheesy fries are pretty “boring” in taste but not this! It’s a wonderful surprise!

Be warned as it is outdoor and a residential area so expect parking to be scarce and the place to be pretty hot and humid in the evening under normal circumstances. According to the owner, they are following the Australian style of burgers rather than another street burger. We must also mention that you be patient with your burger as the owner really puts a lot of work, dedication and genuine love into his burgers.

At the offered price, the burger is pretty worthwhile as it has its own originality in terms of flavour and really fills you up!

The Price:

Mozzarella Cheese Burger: RM 12 (Ala Carte) / RM 14 (Set)
Spicy Hawaii Beef or Chicken: RM 12 (Ala Carte) / RM 14 (Set)
Double Beef or Chicken: RM 16 (Set)
Cheesy Mozzarella Fries: RM 8

The Location:

Shop name: Grasso
Address: Piasau Jaya Phase 1 Jalan Dato Muip, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Waze/Google maps: Search for “Grasso Burger Joint”
Operating Hour: Open Daily from 6pm – 11pm (Except Thursday)

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