Famous Malay Style Mee Kolok in Kuching


This place serves some of the most famous Malay style Mee Kolok in Kuching. Since Chinese style Mee Kolok is normally served with pork, this shop replaced it with beef instead. Hence, the locals also refer the name of this mee as Mee Sapi or Mee Sapi Hj Salleh. (The name sapi is also known as cow or beef in Bahasa Melayu).

Mee Sapi Hj Salleh @Sepinang Sari Cafe & Restaurant

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

The texture of this mee is very chewy and full of flavor. The taste is uniquely different than the usual preparation made by Chinese style mee kolok stalls. As the bowl of mee is served, we knew that the mee is going to taste as good as the smell. They combined several sauces and flavors to bring together the amazing taste in Mee Kolok.

The Mee kolok (aka Mee Sapi) is served with a side of chili sauce and a small bowl of clear soup. The taste of the chili can be a bit spicy so bear in mind if you’re mixing it in together with your mee. This place is normally crowded with locals having breakfast and early lunch. Thus, parking may be an issue when you arrive at that place.


If you do not drive a car, it’s best if you could use services like Grab so you do not need to worry about parking. Besides that, during peak hours, you may have to wait for a table as the place is quite small. But the wait was definitely worth it for us.

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

This place has been serving Mee Kolok since 1996. The original owner, however, has been around and opening smaller stalls since the 1980s before he opened this current stall. So in terms of experience, this bowl of Mee Kolok (Mee Sapi) has been around for an estimated time of 30 years!

For their operating hours, they officially open at around 5.30am to 1pm. However, do bear in mind that they will remain open as long as there is still stock left for their mee supply for the day. This means that if there is a lot of people ordering on that day, they may close earlier due to finished mee supply. So to be on the safe side, you may want to visit this place a little bit earlier just in case.

To summarize, if you happen to be in Kuching, it is a must to drop by here and try out their Mee Kolok. We had a great experience and will definitely be back for more.


The price ranges from RM 5 to RM 16 depending on what you order. If you add more meat, it will cost you more. But a normal plate of mee kolok is somewhere around RM 5 to RM 7.


Shop Name: Sepinang Sari Cafe & Restaurant
Address: Lot 206, Section 2, Ground floor, 93400, Kuching.
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Mee Sapi Haji Salleh (Sepinang Sari)”
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (5.30am to 1pm)

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