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Calling ALL Seafood Lovers in Miri

Famous with their seafood in a pan; seafood lover, let’s head over to Fish & Co.! So, are you ready to go on an unforgettable and delectable seafood tour with us?

Seafood Feast Platter

(image by Borneo Foodie)

Loaded with seafood, this platter is bursting with fresh and unique seafood flavors. Served with paella rice and toppled with various type of seafood (prawn, calamari, mussel, white fish and scallop) drizzled in cheese, and fries, bring your empty stomach to feast yourself with this platter and I am sure you will leave with full stomach!

(image by Borneo Foodie)

Paella rice is loaded with capsicum, salmon and Fish & Co. secret sauce. Fried prawn and fried calamari both drizzled in cheese, scallop baked with cheese, mussel topped with garlic lemon butter sauce and white fish topped with lemon butter sauce. This platter can serve up to 2 pax, so it is absolutely perfect for friends and family sharing.

Korean Broth Pot 

(image by Borneo Foodie)

Fish & Co. came out with Korean broth pot to ease your Hallyu crave! The Korean broth pot is a casserole of seafood baked in Kimchi broth – the sweetness of seafood and the piquant Kimchi broth complement each other so well that we cannot stop slurping on the broth!

The Korean Broth Pot is a very unique dish due to how it was prepared. The seafood; mussels, scallops and prawn, and the sauce will be cooked separately and then both seafood and sauce will put together in a white pot and then the dish will be put on the oven.

A broth pot can serve up to 2-4 pax, so it is absolutely perfect for friends and family sharing. This dish is best to eat while it still hot.

New York Fish & Chips 

(image by Borneo Foodie)

Who’s up for signature New York Fish & Chips by Fish & Co.? This dish is our personal favourite as the fish is stuffed with Parmesan Cheese and topped with lemon butter sauce.

Fiery Catch

(image by Borneo Foodie)

Craving for something hot and spicy? The white fish in this dish is being grilled and topped with Peri-Peri Sauce, an African spicy sauce. We pair our dish with creamy and cheesy mashed potato. Not a big fan of mashed potato? Worry no more, because there are varieties of choices for side dish such as baguette, homemade coleslaw, seasonal vegetables, paella rice and chips.


Feeling thirsty after eating all the seafood? Fish & Co. provide varieties of beverages to quench your thirst!

(image by Borneo Foodie)
(image by Borneo Foodie)
(image by Borneo Foodie)

The Price:

Seafood Feast Platter (for 2 people): RM69.95
Korean Broth Pot: RM79.95
New York Fish & Chips: RM24.95
Fiery Catch: RM25.40

The Location:

Shop Name: Fish & Co.
Address: Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Jalan Merpati, Miri 98000 Sarawak
(Next to Sushi King and Miniso)
Operating Hour: Open Daily from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
Waze/Google Maps: Search for “Fish & Co Permaisuri Mall”

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