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One of the Best Place to have Western Food in Kuching

Ever had one of those times where you got the cravings to get a huge plate of food just for the fun of it? Or perhaps to fill that emptiness in your belly? Well whatever your reasons for doing so, you can do exactly that at Sharing Planet. Over here they serve some of the biggest plate around, specializing specifically on grills, meats and the likes, not a vege friendly place mind you. They are famous for their huge portions and also surprisingly affordable prices. They’ve also milkshakes and fresh fruit juices for the drinks.

The Food:

Ice Cream Chicken Chop

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

To start off, let’s take a look at their somewhat out of the norm dish, wanna take a guess? Nah surprise, it’s an ice cream chicken chop! Odd you might think but surprisingly they match up pretty well, the sweetness from the ice cream just melts along with the saltiness of the sauce and the chicken and it gives this exciting tingling sensation in your tongue that oddly makes you want more and its pretty flavourful. Certainly worth the try!

Double Cheezyland

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

This here is a big piece of chicken meat coated in crispy breadcrumbs and cooked Maryland style, covered in cheese slices and covered in generous amount of thousand island sauce. The meat itself is juicy and tender as it should be but it’s the crispyness that really gets us. You don’t need to bite into it to know, somply cutting it with utensils already gets your stomach riled up

Super Combo

(image taken by Borneo Foodie)

This right here is a bit of almost everything. It’s got a mix of Maryland chicken, fried wings, sausages, aglio-oglio and beef ribs slathered in their tomato sauce, oh and almost a piece of grilled chicken hiding underneath too! They’ve juicy wings and chicken, sufficiently salted pasta and a tender rib that falls off the bone!

Sharing is a pretty famous name around the parts in Kuching, they were first opened in 2004 In Stapok and currently adds up to 4 outles with the recent one opened last year. As you can guess from their name, their dishes were made to be shared amongst friends, families, gatherings, you name it unless of course you truly do have a black hole in your stomach. They intend to make you leave their place with a full stomach and of course a happy grin!

The Price:

Ice Cream Chicken Chop: RM 18
Double Cheezyland: RM 18
Super Combo: RM 58

The Location:

Shop name: Sharing Downtown
Address: Ban Hock Road, 932100, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Waze/Google maps: Search for ” Sharing Downtown”
Operating Hour: Open Daily from 11 am – 10.45pm

There are 4 Sharing Outlets in Kuching. We went to the outlet called Sharing Downtown. Their main branch is called Sharing Planet which is located at Stapok Road. You can search “Sharing Planet Stapok” on Waze to go to the place.

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